Awesome Blogs and Why They’re Awesome

This post was originally published on my old blog on 6/28/14.

A lot of my friends are bloggers, and like me, they are all pretty new to the blogosphere. Therefore, they don’t have much exposure and they don’t have a very big audience. So today I’d like to call attention to their blogs by linking up to them and explaining why I like them.

  • Adonia @ The Stone Table: Adonia makes some strong cases in her blog posts, making them very interesting to read. She also has a section called “The Lampost” in which she posts poetry that she has written. Go read her poem “War Paint” right now. You will not be disappointed.
  • Iris @ Purple Lambs Will Fly: Yes, Iris’s blog title is quirky, but she is obsessed with the color purple…and lambs…and apparently she thinks that one day they will fly…Iris is an amazing artist and sometimes she posts some of her art on her blog. She also is an expert on succulents and I am always begging her for more succulent blog posts so I can learn how to care for my Lithops and Pleiospilos nelli plants.
  • Adele @ Howling Evanescence: Adele posts very frequently and about everything under the sun from art to sports to music to school. If none of the other blogs I follow have anything new, I can just go to Adele’s blog and I’m sure to find something new to read.
  • Dreamer @ The Thoughts of a Dreamer: Dreamer posts a lot of her creative writing on her blog. I love reading her pieces because her voice is just so distinct, which of course leads to an interesting read. I think I’d describe her voice as snarky and sarcastic, but at the same time, very deep and thoughtful. Just go read her writing.
  • Cat in the Hat @ Cat the Ailurophile: Cat in the Hat hasn’t posted in a while, but the concept of her blog is very unique. She accepts real life stories from people through the comments or email and then turns those real life stories into fantasy stories with animals. So far, she’s only posted one story, but I’m looking forward to more to come.

Go check out the blogs above and maybe leave a comment on one of their posts. We all love hearing from different people!

Iris 6/28/14 12:10pm

Aaah, thank you, you are so nice! ^.^
I award you one fluffy snow lamb.
In truth, though, everything I know about succulents is just information I’ve gotten from other blogs about plants… so I can’t say I’m exactly an expert. (When your dad asked me about repotting lithops the other day, I was kind alike: Whaa..??? I don’t know anything about this stuff… Why are you asking me? STOP PUTTING SO MUCH FAITH IN ME ITS TOO MUCH PRESSUUUUURRRREEEE *choke* *spazz* *fall down twitching*)Also, a question. How do you do that thing where you give a link to something through normal words? Like how you did it for all of the blogs named here? I’ve tried doing it with the tool “add a link” on weebly before, but it just comes out with the url of the website.
-Ana 6/28/14 5:38pm
You’re welcome. Your blog is so nice!
SCORE! I have three lambs now. A pink lamb, a blue lamb and a fluffy snow lamb! I’m getting closer to receiving the legendary flying purple lamb, right? Right?
You have been successful in repotting Lithops before and keeping them alive, so that’s why my dad asked. It might also partly be my fault that you have so much pressure to know everything about succulents, because in my house you are known as the succulent expert.In order to create a link for normal words you need to highlight the words that you want for the link and then click the “add a link” tool.
–Iris 6/30/14 4:47pm
Ahahaha, you shall have to wait and see, my child… the flying purple lamb shall come to you when you are ready….
Aaahhh, so that is how you create as link. Thanks! ^.^
Oh so many blogs to check out now. 😉 That’s such a nice feature to do!! But…*whispers* I’m not 100% sure if this is just my internet being weird, but all the links seem to go to For the Bookish?? Is it just me??
-Ana 6/29/14 9:21am
Thanks so much for telling me about that. It wasn’t just you. I have no idea how that happened, but I fixed it now…I think…
Adele Kong 6/29/14 3:13pm
1. “War Paint” was AWESOME.2. Just dye a lamb purple and put it on an airplane! :D3. What about those things in the shadows…?

4. I love her pieces. They’re, like, so deep.


And last but not least…

6. I think I may do this too for you guys. 🙂

-Ana 7/4/14 9:25am
Dyeing a lamb and putting it on an airplane would not give me the pride of a genuine flying purple lamb, though.Haha…The things in the shadows…At first I had no idea what you were talking about.Yay to doing it for us too!

Dreamer 6/30/14 3:17pm
Oh yay, thanks! 😀 But I don’t think I’m really that snarky or sarcastic though, and I don’t really post much at all… But thanks anyway! I’ll maybe do one of these things myself.
-Ana 7/4/14 9:26am
I think you’re snarky, sarcastic-ness makes you sound really authentic. However, your writing is often very thoughtful, and sarcastic-ness and thoughtful-ness aren’t often found together. That is what makes you’re writing so unique!
I love thus post! I haven’t heard of some of these blogs but love Adele’s blog!
-Ana 7/4/14 9:27am
It makes sense that you haven’t heard of some of these because we all kind of started blogging around the same time, which was only three months ago. Yes, Adele’s blog is great.

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