How to Incorporate an Effective Color Scheme into Your Blog: Part 1

This post was originally published on my old blog on 4/19/14.

If content is the most important part of a blog, then design comes in a close second. A blog design can lead to either a positive or negative first impression.  Fortunately, by implementing an effective color scheme into your blog, you can help make that first impression a good one. The Secret to Confidence With Color Design by Josh Byers is an amazing resource to help you learn the basics of color design. I would recommend that you read it before you read the rest of this post.

Step 1: Picking Your Colors

Now that you’ve read that article and have the basics of color design down pat, open Adobe Kuler. Locate the drop-down menu labeled “Color Rule” and hover your mouse over it.  Then, choose a color relationship.  I picked the monochromatic color rule for my blog.
Next, you can start fiddling around with your colors by moving the handles on your color wheel. I eventually ended up with the colors below.

Step 2: Design the Layout of the Colors on Your Blog

Once you are satisfied with your chosen color palette, take a good look at your site’s theme.  At this point you may want to sketch out the basics of your theme such as the headers, background, site title, menus, typography, etc.  Just draw a simple layout of these elements and label them with the color that you want each element to be. It’s best to indicate the different colors in your sketch with the hexadecimal of each color. To find the hexadecimal of a color, select the color and go down to where it says HEX. The six character series of numbers and letters is the hexadecimal for that color. Please do not skip this step. It will be very beneficial when it comes time to implement the colors.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of This Series

Stay tuned for the next part in this series, in which I show you how to actually make the elements of your blog the color that you would like them to be.
Do you plan to redesign your blog or did you recently redesign it? What techniques did you use for your blog design?
APersonWhoShallNotBeNamed 4/19/14 8:46pm

Can you make a step-to-step guide on how to actually redesign and everything, not just how to change the color? Because I don’t know how to and that would be really helpful.
-Iris 4/20/14 5:09pm
Something really easy to do is to change the theme of your blog. If you have weebly, just go to design, then choose theme. Then you can choose the theme that you like (they have a lot!). And don’t worry if the pictures/ fonts and font colors aren’t to your taste, because you can change those in design, too. Just look for something with a nice layout. Once you choose your theme, you can go through design and change background image (if you have one) fonts, font colors, and photos. 🙂

–Ana Ideline 4/21/14 6:15am
Nicely said, Iris. There are a ton of neat themes available.
–Iris 4/21/14 7:31pm
Thank you, thank you.
*takes a bow*

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