My Thoughts on Fan Fiction

This post was originally published on my old blog on 4/14/14.

My Thoughts on Fanfiction

The Origin of Fan Fiction

I believe that the creation of fan fiction is driven by a reader’s intense love for a book. This love is driven even deeper when a book is part of series.  Then, the reader can spend time with the beloved characters of the book and their world for a longer period of time.  Unfortunately, a series must always end, and when it does, readers are left pining for more. It’s just part of the fandom life. Fan fiction is a way for readers to continue the stories of the characters that they have struggled with, smiled with and cried with for so long.

Fan Fiction Can Be Both a Compliment and an Annoyance to an Author

That said, I find fan fiction, especially well written fan fiction, to be interesting because in order to write good fan fiction, the writer must know the characters and the story world of the book very well.  However, a fan fiction writer can only know the characters so well if the author of the original story crafted a well written story with realistic characters. Therefore, fan fiction can often be a compliment.At the same time, fan fiction can be an annoyance to the author. Imagine spending months creating complex characters, a story world and a plot line for a novel.  Imagine spending every minute thinking through the endless paths that your story could take. Imagine laboring over every word in your story to try to make it fit perfectly.  Then, someone writes a fan fiction piece based on your story and he/she put the characters down a path that you never wanted your story to go.  Annoyingly, the whole story line is now ruined.

Why I Don’t Write Fan Fiction

I don’t write fan fiction because I don’t want to ruin the author’s plans for the story.  There are so many other ways that I can show an author how much I love their book. For example, I can write a rave review and post it here on my blog or write a fan letter to the author. Additionally, fan fiction just isn’t original enough for me.  I would much rather make up my own characters and my own unique setting than use another author’s characters in a story because I end up feeling more proud of my work.What are your thoughts on fan fiction?  Do you write it?  Read it?

A Blog Makeover

On a side note, you have probably noticed that I am in the process of giving my blog a serious makeover.  Watch for a new color scheme and custom graphics!  Also, if you have any suggestions for my blog design, please comment below.
Draconem Agneau 4/14/14 6:07 pm
I agree with mostly what you say; well done fanfiction is just SUCH AMAZE and really interesting to read, but there is always random fanfiction which is written really badly. There are teenagers and young adults out there writing fanfiction that have worse grammar than US. (has anyone ever seen the Warriors fanfiction Starkit’s Prophecy? It’s been voted the 2nd worst fanfiction in all of fandom history. It has horrible characters, and the protagonist is a freaking Mary Sue. The grammar is bad to the point of being illegible, and the plot DOESNT FRICKIN MAKE SENSE. the main character is revived AT LEAST 3 times, and turns out to be lesbian, which is okay, but THEN HAS HER BEST FRIEND’S DAUGHTER. ADOPT A KITTEN, OR SOMETHING, OKAY??)
ahem. anyways. I mostly read *good* fanfiction. And it’s true that sometimes fanfiction goes in a completely different direction than something the author planned (slash fiction, I’m looking at you) it can still be really well written. Sometimes, fanfiction is just a way for fans to further explore the fandom, or maybe practice their writing skills.
Dang, that was a long rant.. … Sorry?
i guess what I’m trying to say is: fanfiction is really a great and interesting part of the fandom, when done well. (even if it doesn’t follow canon!)
-Adonia 4/15/14 8:42 am
I agree with Draconem wholeheartedly! While fan-fiction can be fun to write, some of the stuff out there is just insulting to the fandom. My policy with fan-fiction; if you’re gonna do it, at least do it right.
–Draconem Agneau 4/15/14 12:43 pm
this makes me happy.
Ana Ideline 4/15/14 8:24 pm
That was a very long rant, and yes, even though I have only read snippets of fan fiction, it has to be good for me to be willing to read it. I don’t like when someone totally ruins a book, especially if it is through writing with insanely poor grammar. Draconem, Adonia didn’t even know who you were before I told her.
-Draconem Agneau 4/16/14 5:26 pm
I am DISAPPOINTED in your knowledge of me. and of foreign languages. actually, you dont even have to know latin and french to decipher my username. THE ALL HAVE ROOT WORDS IN ENGLISH.
Adonia 4/17/14 8:30 am
to be fair, I guessed it was you anyway. I figured no one but you would come up with such an elaborate pen-name.
Draco… Oh, you know the rest. 4/18/14 11:56 am
It means dragon in latin, then lamb in french. :3
–Adonia 4/18/14 5:01 pm
yeah, it was the dragon that tipped me off.

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