Off Our Shelves: Sisters Red #2


Welcome to the second session of the Off Our Shelves blog book club. We are reading
Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce and this week, we read chapters 6-11. If you would like an overview of the club, please check out this post. Once again, there may be spoilers in this or any of the other Off Our Shelves posts. None of the Off Our Shelves blog book club members will be held responsible if you break down crying because you read a spoiler.

This section’s discussion question: What do you think about the relationship between Silas and Rosie? I’ll answer this question in today’s post.

I think Silas and Rosie are made for each other and that their relationship is actually quite sweet.  They both work together and with Scarlett to hunt off the Fenris. However, while they know that hunting is important, hunting is not as big of a part of their lives as it is for Scarlett. They both want to have another life, a more normal one. They both wish to have a life full of traveling for fun and trying new hobbies instead of just hunting all the time. Given the many similarities that they have, they are perfect for each other.

Then again, Rosie’s relationship with Silas is making her more unlikeable in my opinion. First of all, she’s sixteen. Does she really have any business dating, especially when she’s supposed to be helping Scarlett save the world by hunting Fenris? Her sister is trying to do a noble thing here. Scarlett is working with all her heart and soul to save the world. Rosie should be doing the same thing. She’s still a teen. She doesn’t need to date Silas if she has other responsibilities. I think what I’m really trying to say is that Rosie and Silas are a perfect fit, but they should wait until they’re done saving the world to date each other.

Club members and anyone else who has read the book: What do you think of the relationship between Silas and Rosie? You can discuss it in the comments or write your own post about it.

Here are all of the club members. Not all of us are participating in the Sisters Red session, but I believe that Iris and Dreamer are.

Iris from Purple Lambs Will Fly
Adele from Howling Evanescence
Dreamer from The Thoughts of a Dreamer
Adonia from The Stone Table
Cat in the Hat from Cat the Ailurophile
Wren from  I’d Ship That
…and of course, moi.



14 thoughts on “Off Our Shelves: Sisters Red #2

  1. Hrmm… I thought Rosie was a bit silly for falling for Silas at the beginning, too, because it was so cliche, like, “He touched my arm and I felt da elektricitee.” But then, as they went on, I think the relationship developed nicely. There were a couple moments of them together that were just pretty dang sweet. Yeah, I think they are quite perfect for each other.
    Also, 16 is really not that young. Dating at 16, in my opinion, is perfectly fine. The real problem here is this war on wolves, because a relationship with your hunting partner is probably going to get in the way somehow or another (and not to mention what Scarlett will think, but then again, Scarlett’s opinion doesn’t really matter, because she really doesn’t have a right to tell her sister who to date, and it’s not like Scarlett herself likes Silas anyways). However, a romantic relationship could work out- after all, how many dangerous, fictional circumstances have you thought of in which the main character has a boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever with them? Yeah, a lot. And that may just be because authors are often compelled to put in a romantic relationship, but it still works with the plot. So I think Rosie and Silas will work out just fine.
    Speaking of relationships, we need to start thinking of a ship name. Rosilas? Silsie?


    1. Ugh. Rosie is kind of like one of those cliché Dragonflies when it comes to Silas. She’s so mushy wushy. Even so, it was still really sweet. I get that 16 is a fine age for dating, especially in YA fiction. However, it’s not fine for Rosie because right now she has other responsibilities and she really should be helping her sister. Now if she could manage her relationship with Silas without getting in the way of hunting, then my thoughts might be different. Also, when I say 16 is young, I’m also taking into account the age difference. Silas is 21. That’s a five year age difference. And I think Rolas sounds good.


      1. I’m gonna repost what I said before about Rosie’s and Silas’s relationship because that pretty much sums up how I feel:

        “Okay, so maybe she was a bit repetitive and a bit dull and her romance with Silas is both. She reminds of those all swoony blushing stereotypical main-character heroine in love cliches, the take-me-seriously-big-sis because I can be just as hardcore as you and then gets mad when is protected cliches, the ohmigawsh save-me my handsome prince cliches, and the instantly fall in love with your childhood friend who just came back cliches.”

        The age thingy equation thing (I forgot what it’s called) to see if it’s creepy to date someone at a certain age would be to take your age, divide it in half, then add seven. So 21/2=10.5+7=17.5 which is thus the youngest age Silas can date someone without being a creeper and Rosie is 1.5 years younger than the not-creeper age so Silas is a creeper and a lecher. Well not really but yeah, haha…


        1. Yeah, Rosie is just a bit too young for Silas, but not by too much that it’s OMIGOSH YOU SLUT WHAT R U DOIN THATS GROSS.
          Rosie is a bit cliche. She does have a bit of an other side… but she’s still pretty cliche.


  2. Well, I’m not a club member…so eep, you can kick my comment off if it’s not allowed. 😉 I really loved Sister’s Red! It was ALMOST perfection for me….but I guessed that Silas would be The Fenris They Were All Looking For like right away, so it lost some of the “woah” moments. I loved Rosie/Scarlet’s relationship the best. Silas and Rosie were adorable and I totally loved their slow but sweet romance. I hurt for Scarlet though. Poor thing. 😐


    1. I guessed that he was the Potential too, and I talk about that in the next post, which is scheduled for next week. The thing is, I didn’t actually finish the book yet because we broke it up into four sections. So…hehe. It’s okay, though, because I figured as much. I love Scarlett and Rosie’s relationship too. It’s so sweet and sisterly.


      1. @Cait: Yeah, I finished it (whoops) and I guessed that too, so it wasn’t as great for me too. But I read Sweetly and Fathomless (the 2nd and 3rd book in the series) and both were really awesome! (I liked them better than this book.) Also, do you have a blog? Cause you seem pretty cool and I can’t seem to find what your blog is called. And maybe you can join the next one? I’m not in charge so I really don’t have a say, but you could ask.

        I’m more of a fan of family & friendship relationships though (despite all my issues with it) Silas’s and Rosie’s relationship was sorta cute. Not my favorite, but still cute.


        1. Oh yea. Cait has a blog and yes, she is pretty cool. Her blog is the Notebook Sisters and she blogs with her sister, Mime, who hasn’t blogged in awhile but promised to blog more often. So right now, Cait is the main contributor to the blog. The Notebook Sisters is one of my top two favorite blogs, along with Go Teen Writers. I stalk the Notebook Sisters blog; I check it every morning and cry on Thursdays when Cait takes a blogging break.


          1. THERE ARE SEQUELS TO THIS? Gonna reserve it…
            Yeah, Silas as the Potential was incredibly obvious. Like, even more obvious than Cinder’s identity in Cinder.


            1. I don’t think that they are necessarily sequels, but they are all separate fairytale retellings in the same series entitled Fairytale Retellings. There is also a fourth one called Cold Spell. Silas as the Potential was more obvious than Cinder’s identity? Really? Well, I haven’t read the last fourth of the book yet, but I think Cinder’s identity was way more obvious. As soon as the name of her identity was mentioned I knew it was her.


              1. Well, I was actually kinda sorta not that sure about Cinder’s identity while reading the book… like I guessed that it could be her, but then I was like, “No waaay, that is way too obvious. It can be it.” So I kinda dismissed that thought.
                When I was reading this, though, as soon as the wolves said the Potential was spotted in Atlanta, I instantly thought of Silas.


                1. I’m trying to read Cold Spell right now! I liked the sequels much better. The weaponry of choice is so much more practical in Sweetly (thank goodness), though there’s not much fighting in Fathomless (SPOILER: though they do run over some stuff with a car) Yeah, Cinder, I believe, was much, much more obvious than this. And I checked out your (Cait) blog and commented on something but (cause I’m not good at these stuff) it’s so hard to use!


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