Post-Race Fuel

This post was originally published on my old blog on 5/11/14.

WARNING: This post may upset those who read this post while their stomachs growl incessantly and plead to consume food once more. If the pictures about to be shown make you begin to drool over your keyboard or screen, please back away slowly and get something to eat. Then you can come back and drool some more.
Recently, I ran a 5k in which I placed as the first female overall (Yay! One thing off my bucket list!). Of course, after every 5k, meet or training run, I need to refuel, and that means food. Here are just some of my favorite running foods.
Directly after every race, I eat fruit, breads or protein bars, which are usually available at the post-race table. Sometimes, I even pack snacks for the race. These biscuits that my dad made are a great source of carbohydrates and they’re tasty too.
After I ran the race, I went to get a carton of food from a food bar. It was so hard for me to choose what to get; I kept on walking around and around the bars, looking at all of the delicious food and trying to decide what to get. I ended up getting seasoned green beans, Mexican rice, brown sugar salmon, a mozzarella stick, a stuffed potato peel, sweet and sour chicken, and macaroni and cheese. It was amazing.
This is also something that my dad made. Here you can see mussels, asparagus and onion-carrot soup. I don’t really like asparagus that much, but I absolutely love seafood and the onion-carrot soup ended up tasting really good. As an added bonus, the whole dinner is just so colorful; it’s like a feast for both the eyes and the mouth!
Of course, every good meal (especially a post-race one) needs dessert. This is banana pudding with pineapple chunks, banana slices and homemade whipped cream. Delicious, and healthy (kind of-not really?) too.
What’s your favorite food or post-competition/training fuel?

violinist200 5/12/14 9:07pm

Yum 🙂

-Ana Ideline 5/14/14 4:49pm
Yum is correct.

These are all great choices! Now I’m hungry.

-Ana Ideline 5/14/14 4:48pm
Hi Samantha! I’m so glad you found my blog! I found your blog a few months ago and I love reading it. Also, I totally understand that you don’t want to share your email because I don’t give out my email either. I usually just leave that field blank when I comment.
Really? Thanks! I will be back soon!
Adele Kong 6/11/14 6:09pm
Ugh. I keep coming back to this page because I just can’t help it, and every single time, I get soooo hungry!

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