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This post was originally published on my old blog on 6/24/14.


Today is the first time that I am participating in the monthly Teens Can Write, Too blog chain. This month’s prompt is “What are your thoughts on book-to-movie adaptations? Would you one day want your book made into a movie, or probably not?” So, let’s get started.I really like book-to-movie adaptations, especially if it’s based on a book that I love because they bring the book to life for me. I love seeing the setting being transformed from words into a colorful scene. I love seeing how my favorite characters look in real life. I love seeing how they act out the scenes in the book. However, I think what I like most about book-to-movie adaptations is that I can hop back and forth between the movie and the book, looking for similarities and differences in the plot line for both.Some people get annoyed at movies that have elements different from the corresponding book. I, on the other hand, think that differences between movies and books can make the story more interesting. After all, the whole point of a movie is to tell a story in a different way, so differences are only to be expected. Obviously, there are some differences that can make a story worse, but it’s always enjoyable to see a difference in a story that makes the story better.

One great example of a movie that offers an interesting spin on the book is The Hobbit soon-to-be trilogy. For one thing, while Thorin Oakenshield is nice and welcoming towards Bilbo in the book, he is gruff, unwelcoming and doubtful towards Bilbo in the movie. I loved this change because it created more tension between the characters and gave Bilbo another reason to prove that he could be brave, adventurous and useful. Also, when the bond between Bilbo and the dwarves becomes strong, the unwelcoming attitude that the dwarves had makes the moment even sweeter.

That said, if I one day write a book and it is made into a movie, I think I probably would not  appreciate the differences as much as I would from the viewpoint of a moviegoer.  I think I could interpret some differences between the book and the movie as a compliment because it would be like the director saying “Wow, I liked your book so much that I’ve been thinking really hard about the storyline and I thought “What if this happened?””. On the other hand, if the differences went too far, I would probably start getting defensive and end up thinking my book was ruined by the movie. Regardless, I would love for my book to be made into a movie because I would love for my story to be brought to life in a visual form. Besides, isn’t it almost every author’s dream come true to have their book made into a movie?

Happy Animated GIF on Giphy
In conclusion, I almost always love book-to-movie adaptations because I like experiencing different twists on a story. However, as an author with my book being made into a film, I probably would be more iffy about the differences.And now, go have a look at the other responses in the chain for different views on this topic.5th – http://nasrielsfanfics.wordpress.com/

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What do you think about book-to-movie adaptations?
John Hansen 6/24/14 9:01pm
I totally agree! Even when I dislike a book-to-film adaption, I tend to watch a lot of them because I’m always interested in seeing the spin the director/cast/etc put on the book. The changes make things more exciting and are to be expected since a movie is a different art form. I really enjoy it when the movie makes the book their own, especially when the movie becomes great because of it.Awesome post! Thanks so much for participating!

-Ana 6/26/14 10:52am
Exactly! The whole point of a movie is to make the story even more interesting by offering a spin on the book. Thanks for hosting the blog chain. It had a lot of fun drafting my post!
–Ana 6/26/14 10:54am
Cait @ Notebook Sisters 6/25/14 12:50am
I like book-to-movie adaptions too! My only hope for a movie is that…it’s a good movie. I hate BAD movies. With awkward acting or bad effects or whatever. So as long as the movie is awesome, then I don’t mind if it’s not 100% the book. And come now. Books are like 300-400 pages! That’s hard to replicate in like a 2 hour movie. 🙂

-Ana 6/26/14 10:57am
I hate awkward acting, like when it looks like the actors don’t even know their lines or the way they express emotion is way too cheesy and fake. I agree that 300-400 pages must be really hard to replicate in a 2 hour movie. People have to give directors and the rest of the movie-making crew a break.
That’s a very succinct conclusion. I think most authors feel this way!Great post!
-Ana 6/26/14 10:59am
Yep. I think most authors would love to have their book made into a movie, but at the same time, they would be nervous about the changes made to their story.Thanks!
coruscantbookshelf 6/26/14 3:15am
Thorin is nice and welcoming in the book? How long since you read The Hobbit?
I see what you mean, it would be really epic to be asked to have a movie made of your book, and in general it would, but for someone like me who LIVES her book, who knows the characters better than her own family, (who occasionally thinks the characters ARE her own family…) it would also be really scary. It would, in fact, be only one step better than having a movie made of your life, while you’re alive, with actors playing your parents and someone playing YOU.
Now that’s scary.
-Ana 6/26/14 11:02am
Well, in the book, the dwarves still have a hard time accepting Bilbo, but Thorin trusts Gandalf’s opinion about Bilbo more in the book than in the movie and he treats Bilbo better. I definitely see your point. It would be scary if a movie was made about my life and changes were made to it! It would be especially bad if I were alive and could see the movie!



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