Top Ten Things That I Love About Blogging

This post was originally published on my old blog on 5/27/14.


Once again, I am participating in the meme Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is a freebie week, so I decided that my post will focus on blogging. I’ll split my post into two parts. The first part will be the top five things that I love about blogging and the second part will be the top five things that I think I will love about blogging. In other words, what I’m looking forward to trying out on my blog.

Top Ten Things I Love About Blogging

  1. Being able to practice my writing skills regularly. The best way to improve at writing is to write and read. By churning out posts regularly, I can write consistently, and therefore, get better.
  2. Sharing my writing with a wider audience. Right now, I don’t have a very wide audience, but it’s still a big one for me, and I really enjoy sharing my ideas with the audience that I have.
  3. Designing my blog. I’ve had so much fun picking out and implementing the color scheme of my blog. Now I’ve got to go design some graphics and an awesome header.
  4. Reading other blogs and drawing inspiration from them. I love reading other blogs that talk about the same things as mine because they all inspire me to keep working on my blog.
  5. Reading and replying to comments. I love reading comments on each of my blog posts and seeing what my friends and people around the world have to say. I also love coming up with thoughtful replies to their comments and starting a discussion.

Top Ten Things I Look Forward to Loving About Blogging

  1. Doing an author interview on my blog. I’m in the newspaper club at my school, so I interview a bunch of students and teachers for my articles, but it would be an amazing experience to interview someone that I don’t know.
  2. Guest posting on another blog or having someone guest post on my blog. This would be fun and simultaneously gain more exposure for my blog or whoever is guest posting on my blog.
  3. Receiving an ARC for review from a publisher. I love writing book reviews, and it would be awesome to receive an ARC for my honest review. That said, I know how much money and work goes into ARCs and I want to respect that by waiting until I am more experience and have more followers before I start requesting ARCs.
  4. Celebrating my blogoversary. This will be fun because I’ll be able to take pride in the fact that I stuck with blogging for one whole year.
  5. Getting started with the Off Our Shelves Blog Book Club. I am just so excited for this book club. We’ll start when everyone has the book, which should be soon!
What do you love most about blogging? What do you look forward to loving most about blogging?
Ana, I absolutely love this post!! I wish I had come up with this topic. You had a lot of great things you love that I love about blogging, too, and we’re both sort of newbies to the blogging community, so I understand where you’re coming from 🙂 (By the way, I’d love to guest post/have you guest post on my blog. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time ;))
-Ana 5/28/14 4:05pm
I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post, Emily. This is kind of a coincidence, but I looked back through your posts and I saw that we started blogging only two days apart! However, I kind of like being a newbie at blogging because it means that I have so much to look forward to. Guest posting sounds fun. I would have to ask permission first, but it’s definitely a possibility.
Iris 5/27/14 4:11pm
I love that word- Blogoversary!
I guess I’m excited for my blogoversary, too. Ours will be around the same time!

-Ana 5/28/14 4:01pm
Isn’t it such a fabulous word? Yes! Our blogoversary will be about the same time. We should have a party at lunch…if we have the same lunch period…*crosses fingers*.

–Iris 5/28/14 5:37pm
Bwaaah I hope we are together for at least a little bit next year! *crosses fingers* *crosses toes* *crosses arms and legs* *crosses self into knot*

Ooh, I love your lists here. x) I felt the same way about ARCs. I felt so guilty for asking for the first one, too! Oops. >_< But it’s a surreal experience to get free books in the mail and know people trust your opinion. Same with doing author interviews. SUPER FANGIRL MOMENTS. I love commenting/replying/visiting new blogs, too. Best thing about blogging. Also the practising writing? I started my blog as a way to practise writing.

-Ana 5/29/14 9:09pm
I agree. I would absolutely love to receive ARCs, but at the same time, I don’t want to come across as someone who started blogging just to get free books. When my blog is ready, though, I’ll be really excited to start reviewing ARCs. Yes, practicing writing is also one of the main reasons I started my blog. I mean, I practice writing everyday in school, but a blog gives me so much more freedom. Also, while I may not write books or short stories regularly, I do blog pretty regularly.
Adele Kong 5/29/14 9:09pm
I like, sorry, love blogging because it’s a way to just be yourself and just say what you want when you want. You can talk about any subject and you can help people by putting up suggestions or tips on how to (blah blah blah). I think that when I started blogging, I kind of “opened up” a little, and my writing became more… Creative? I guess. I like putting my work up, but no one looks at it anyways. Oh well. 🙂
Adele Kong 5/29/14 9:10pm
And thanks for getting me started on my blog! I can’t wait for my blogoversary either!

–Ana 5/29/14 9:22pm
You’re welcome. I read your blog, Adele, and I try to comment when I can. Unless, you’re talking about the “Howls” section of your blog. Sorry that I haven’t been able to get to that yet. I promise that when I find time, I’ll read your pieces and try to comment on them. I think I opened up a little too. I’ve gotten so much braver with sharing my writing with the world.
La Coccinelle 5/30/14 1:39pm
Designing blogs is pretty fun. My blog has had a few different designs since I started it. My last upgrade was just a few months ago.I’ve never actually gotten any paper ARCs to review, but I have reviewed a few e-book ARCs through NetGalley. It’s kind of fun to read a book before much of the general public. If you haven’t already signed up, I recommend that you do!
-Ana 5/31/14 11:30am
Designing blogs is really fun! I’m trying to come up with an idea for a header for my blog so that it doesn’t look so plain. I would love to join NetGalley when I’m old enough to because it would be awesome to read a book before everyone else does, especially if it’s a new installment in a really good series.
Thoughts of A Dreamer 5/30/14 10:49pm
Yeah, meeting new people is cool! 😀 I’d love to meet someone online (sorta, there’re a bunch of creeper and such online though…)! Just wondering, what’s an ARC?

-Ana 5/31/14 11:25am
ARC stands for advanced reader copy. Basically, publishers give bloggers, professional book reviewers, librarians, etc. copies of books before they are actually released in stores in exchange for the receivers’s honest review.
This is a great post! Also, Ana, if you want eARCs, you can always join Netgalley! You’re much more likely to get ARCs that way and some books are even labeled Read Now so you don’t have to request it; you just download the ARC and start reading!
-Ana 5/31/14 11:27am
I want to join Netgalley so badly, but sadly, I’m not old enough to join. I really wish I could, though.
Chloe 6/01/14 12:35am
Hi! I’m Chloe, and new to your blog. It looks cool! (My blog:
I really enjoy blogging about writing tips and my life. I really want to interview more writers and finish my novel on my blog.
-Ana 6/02/14 3:38pm
Thanks for sharing your blog with me, Chloe. I’ll be sure to check it out. Interviewing writers should be lots of fun. I’d love to do that too!

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