Why I Usually Don’t Read the Lates Releases

This post was originally published on my old blog on 4/6/14.

Yep, you guessed it.  While everyone rushes to get their hands on a copy of a new book the day it comes out, I stay at home, burying myself in a book published 1-100 hundred years ago.  So why don’t I immediately jump on the bandwagon?  Well, I have a couple of reasons.

New Books Aren’t At the Library Right Away

As mentioned before, I prefer borrowing books from the library over buying books.  Libraries usually can not obtain the book for checkout the day of the release. However, they usually are able to get the book within a few weeks.  Even then, I don’t like to check out the new book, which brings me to my second reason.

I Want to Read Quality Books

I do not want to waste my time or money on a book.  Therefore, if a new book with negative reviews comes out, and I am skeptical about the premise, I will not read it.  I’d much rather spend my valuable time reading time-tested books such as classics or Newbery Medal Winners.  I still read non classic and non award-winning books-just not the day or even the week that they are released. This brings me to my most important reason.

I Don’t Have the Patience to Wait for The Next Installment

Nowadays, popular books are typically part of a series.  Unfortunately, each installment usually comes out a whole year after the previous installment. Therefore, when a reader ends up loving a book, only to realize that the next book in the series is set to come out a year later, it does not look pretty.
My friends moan about how they have to wait forever for a book to come out, while I just smile and quickly devour a series that is already completely published. I could not stand waiting that long for a highly anticipated book to come out.  After all, it’s already proving way too difficult for me to wait for the last Hobbit movie to come out.
Do you jump to read new releases, or do you bide your time? Is there a book that you are desperately waiting for right now?

A Message for Writers

Also, if you are interested, Go Teen Writers is holding a word war this weekend. Word wars are a great way to motivate you to push through writer’s block and just write. I highly recommend you to check it out and participate in a word war or two.
APersonWhoShallNotBeNamed 4/6/14 10:13 pm
… I just read… And nope for the last question, nothing particular jumps in mind.
Ashley 4/12/14 12:35 pm
you know, I honestly could care less about new releases, unless it is MANGA, or if it was in a series, than I would “jump” at them. Personally, I read books that interest me, not the majority. So, I don’t really read Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and all those other Teen romance novels.
Oh, and Hi Ana~ Look! I didn’t spam you!!
-Iris 4/12/14 10:22 pm
-I couldn’t have put it in better words myself! (Although I do read some popular books, but usually long after I come out… I live under a rock like that)
Someetiiiiimes I wait for books in a series… it’s a both tortuous and exciting experience. :3 As for manga… well, at least that comes out weekly or monthly… >.<
-Ana Ideline 4/13/14 8:08 am
-Yes, if it’s in a series that I’ve already started reason, I usually can’t contain myself and I just have to get the book.
Adele Kong 4/12/14 9:01 pm
Hi Ana Ideline! How exactly do you participate in a word war? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
-Ana Ideline 4/12/14 9:03 pm
-Well, the word wars are over now, but next time you can just post a comment in the below the word war blog post and see if anyone would like to have a word war. Then, you race against another writer during a set time to see who can write the most words.

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