Off Our Shelves: Sisters Red #3


Welcome to the third session of the Off Our Shelves Blog Book Club. We are reading Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce. This week we read chapters 12-19. Well actually I think we all finished the book already. Since I, too, already finished the book I’m going to write this post using my thoughts from when I had only read up to the third section.

This week’s question: What clues or evidence made you think that Silas was the Potential?

I’m not sure exactly when I started to predict that Silas was the potential, but I know that somewhere along the way, it became a gut feeling. I’ve read so many books that I can often sense when a big plot twist is coming and what it’s going to be. With Sisters Red, I could see the plot twist coming because the setup was perfect. There are two sisters who must fight to save the world by hunting the Fenris who are killing and eating girls from all over. They are assisted in their hunting by a boy named Silas who they have both come to love (yes, even Scarlett loves Silas). Then, they decide that they are going to find the Potential and use him as bait to kill more wolves. In order to do this, they search and search and search to no avail. With this kind of setup, it’s easy to tell that the solution will end up being right in front of them: in Silas.

Not only was there a perfect setup, but there was also clear cut evidence that Silas was the Potential. I focused more on the setup to help me predict the ending, but there were two pieces of evidence that I found as I was reading. I realized one clue when Scarlett said that Silas was three years her senior, or three years older than her. Since Rosie mentioned before that Scarlett was eighteen, I knew that Silas must be 21, which is a multiple of three. Thus, he has the potential to be the Potential. I also remembered that Silas had a lot of siblings. I didn’t know how many, but I figured that there was a possibility that he could be the seventh of seven sons, another thing that would qualify him to be the Potential.

I think that such an obvious solution revealed at the end would probably surprise me if I was new at this whole reading books business. Unfortunately, I’ve read so many books in which the main characters find out that what they were looking for was right in front of them all along. Although this technique is overused in books, it isn’t always a bad thing. The trick to making this technique work is to write the book so that the reader can’t see the solution coming. The author should never let it cross the reader’s mind that the solution is right in front of the main characters. At the same time, the author has to make the solution reasonable and plant subtle clues throughout the book. This is obviously hard to do because everything hangs in a delicate balance, but when everything’s perfectly balanced, it makes for a stunning read.

Club members or anyone else who read the book: what made you think that Silas was the Potential? We can discuss it in the comments or you can write your own blog post about it.

Here are all of the club members. Not all of us are participating in the Sisters Red session, but I believe that Iris and Dreamer are.

Iris from Purple Lambs Will Fly
Adele from Howling Evanescence
Dreamer from The Thoughts of a Dreamer
Adonia from The Stone Table
Cat in the Hat from Cat the Ailurophile
Wren from  I’d Ship That
…and of course, moi.




4 thoughts on “Off Our Shelves: Sisters Red #3

  1. First: Lol, yeah, I already finished this book…
    Second: In response to “yes, even Scarlett loves Silas,”- Scarlett loves Silas in a purely platonic way. Just wanted to say that.
    Third: I first started suspecting this in the first section we read, when they overheard a couple Fenris talking about the Potential, and how he had been scented in Atlanta. I remembered Silas had went to Atlanta, so at that moment, I used by super duper detective reasoning powers and decided that Silas was the Potential. (I figured this out pretty early in the book, which is probably why I said this was more obvious than Cinder.)
    Fourth: A random thought- when Silas kissed Scarlett, I had a sudden moment of empty, sinking despair in which I thought this was going to become a love triangle. Thank you, book, for not having a love triangle.


    1. Second: I suppose so. I think maybe the only reason that she felt jealousy towards Rosie and Silas was because she didn’t want Rosie to grow up so fast.
      Third: Wow! You suspected it far quicker than I did. I figured it out really early in Cinder, but not in Sisters Red.
      Fourth: Haha. There was no love triangle, but there was a hunting triangle.


    1. Ugh. Don’t even get me started about Silas and Rosie. A lot of the time instead of helping Scarlett, they just went out and did whatever they wanted. I felt so bad for Scarlett because she was working so hard to do such a noble thing, but nobody helped or understood her.


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