Hydration Choices for Runners

On my About page, I posted a new blogging schedule that I hope to keep up with for the rest of the summer. As you’ll see, on Fridays I will post a running related post. So here goes.

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Proper hydration is an essential part of any sport because it gives the body the fluid that it needs to function properly. There are many different hydration choices, but the two that I will focus on today are water and sports drinks such as PowerAde. There is a debate over what drink is best for runners. Some people are against sports drinks such as PowerAde because they claim that pure water is best and that the sugar in PowerAde is unhealthy.

However, I disagree. PowerAde is actually my go-to hydration source. First of all, even though the sugar used to flavor PowerAde might be unhealthy, it also encourages me to hydrate myself better. I don’t really like the plain taste of water and so if a drink is flavored, I’m more likely to drink more of it and better hydrate myself. Additionally, many electrolytes are lost through an athlete’s sweat when he/she exercises. PowerAde is enhanced with a higher amount of electrolytes than that found in water, which allows electrolytes to quickly be replaced. But don’t take my word for it. Instead, listen to the professionals. My cross country team went to a seminar at my high school about nutrition and the nutrition expert there actually told us that PowerAde was an excellent hydration choice.

As much as I like PowerAde and other sports drinks, I don’t completely ignore the importance of drinking water on a regular basis. When I’m not in the middle of practice, I drink water, because pure water is also very important. PowerAde is just for sports, and it should never be a substitute for water when one is just going about his/her everyday life.

I hope that cleared hydration up for you. Which beverage do you prefer?



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