Beautiful People Linkup

Today I am participating in the Beautiful People linkup in which I will interview my main character of my WIP, Twig.

1) What’s their favourite food? (Bonus: favourite flavour of chocolate!) Hey look! It’s the Australian spelling! As I mentioned in a previous post, Twig’s favorite food is freeze dried astronaut ice cream. Future technology has made it possible to bring non freeze dried ice cream into space, but Twig just prefers the freeze dried version. (And her favorite flavor of chocolate is mint chocolate. Of course.)

2) What do they absolutely hate? Twig hates people who judge her because of her size and age. She has a higher mission success ratio than many adults, but there have been many times when Twig was denied a mission assignment because people looked at her size and age instead of her mission success ratio and her abilities.

3) What do they enjoy learning about? Twig loves to learn about different stars, planets and spaceship models. She loves poring over maps of outer space and memorizing the locations of different celestial bodies that she might visit one day.

4) Who is the most influential person in their life? The most influential person in Twig’s life is her friend, Minda. Unlike most people, Minda isn’t jealous that Twig is being chose for many missions despite her young age, and she always is there to help and encourage her.

5) What is their childhood fear? Twig’s childhood-and present-greatest fear is getting completely lost in the middle of space with no sense of direction.

6) What is something they have always secretly dreamed of doing, but thought impossible? Twig has always dreamed of going on a top secret mission as a kid because she feels like she’ll be doing the real deal if she does. However, she’s afraid that the mission assigners will judge her based on her age and not allow her to go on a top secret mission that no one is told about.

7) What is something she is impractically afraid of? Twig is impractically afraid of cramped, unorganized, or battered up spaceships.

8) Are they a night owl or morning person? A night person. Twig frequently goes on missions through space, so she’s much more comfortable in the dark.

9) Do they say everything that pops into their head, or leave a lot unsaid? Twig is a very thoughtful person. She thinks a lot about what she wants to say before she says it, and other characters often get mad at her for not saying what she’s thinking.

10) What are their nervous habits? Whenever Twig is nervous, she adjusts the sleeves of her space suit, which, by the way, is quite sleek. It’s not clunky like the space suits that astronauts have today.

Is Twig someone you would like to read about? How are you similar to or different from her? If you are writing a story, I encourage you to answer these questions for one of your characters and link up.

Also, if you need some motivation to help you finish your story or at least make progress on it, consider participating in the Go Teen Writers Word War happening from July 21-25. I’ve done word wars before, and they are so fun and encouraging!



3 thoughts on “Beautiful People Linkup

  1. Yes, of course I’d be interested in reading more about her!

    Hmm. I’ve never had freeze dried ice cream, but my one of my favorite flavors of chocolate is mint. Mint + caramel + chocolate + fruit. Yum. Anyway. #3 and #8 are very much like me, escape for the spaceship missions part. I love the sky and the stars and the moon and the planets and anything like that. I’m also definitely a night person, though not because I go on space missions.

    I like the sound of this WIP, you can probably guess why from what I said a moment ago. I also like the idea of a sleek spacesuit. How far into the future is this? Do you have a blurb or a quick description of some sort? How old is Twig? Why does her size make her seem inadequate to the task?

    the writeress @ barefoot in the snow


  2. Thanks! I’m glad.

    Mint + caramel + chocolate + fruit is the best!!! I love star gazing too, but I’m more of a morning person, and of course, I don’t go on space missions.

    Ummmm…Yikes! I actually don’t know how far into the future my WIP is…It’s just really far. If you go to this post on my blog, you can see a tentative synopsis for my story, and I say tentative because the direction of my WIP can change quite quickly. Since this is upper MG, Twig is 13. Also, since size is often linked to age, and thus, maturity, people can be very stereotypical.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!


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