Fossil Hunting

fossil hunting

Last week my family and I went fossil hunting at a lake. We’ve gone fossil hunting before, but never at this particular place. At the place that we went to before, we were able to find mainly shark teeth and squid, which I might show in another post. This time, however, we found fossils embedded in rocks.


Here are the tools of the trade. You can see how muddy they are from use.


Now I’ll let you look through the pictures of all of the fossils that we found. It was fairly easy to find these fossils. All we did was wade into the clear water and pick up stones to see if there were fossils embedded in them. If we found an interesting rock that didn’t have much on the surface, we used the tools above to crack it open so that we could see if there were any fossils inside the rock. We were able to find so many interesting fossil imprints ranging from shells to tubular creatures to the prize find: a trilobite. Scroll through the pictures, and if you look carefully, you can see the imprints for yourself.












This is the prized possession, which I found. It is the fossil of a trilobite, which is a creature that is now extinct. In my opinion, these creatures were really interesting, and I encourage you to look them up.


I love how much detail you can see in this fossil. You can see the ridges on the trilobite’s back, the head, and even the eyes. It looks even better in real life. In order to get the most out of the fossils shown above, you really have to be right there holding them and looking at them in real life. Pictures are great, but they still can’t convey exactly how each of these fossils look.

Have you ever gone fossil hunting? If you have, what are some of your favorite finds?



10 thoughts on “Fossil Hunting

  1. WOW. This is awesome. Fossils aren’t something I usually think about — but this is really, really cool. (Admittedly, I had to Google what a trilobite was. :P) My family has never gone fossil hunting before, but my parents (my mother, mainly) are really into metal-detecting. They have a metal-detector and everything, haha. They haven’t found that much, yet — a few bullet casings, a couple of horseshoes and whatnot. We’ve even gone gold detecting before, though that hasn’t been very successful. We found a speck of something that may have been gold? But that’s debatable lol. I have to say your collection of old things is much more impressive. 😉 If you don’t mind me asking, how do you know where to look for fossils? This is something I’d love to try one day.


    1. Ooh! Metal detecting seems cool, but I’ve never done it. I could see the horseshoes and the bullet casings as inspiration in a writing piece, though. We found the place that we went to by reading through a guidebook that listed various fossil hunting places in our area. Then, we chose one that looked promising and great for beginners. You can probably find a similar guidebook or Internet guide for your area as well.


  2. (So I just wrote a comment, but when I refreshed the page again, it wasn’t there…? I’m not sure if you spam-eating monster took my comment, so I’ll write it again. Sorry if it appears twice!)

    Whoaaa, that is so cool! I would love to find a fossil someday. Where did you go for fossil hunting? I’d love to see your other shark teeth and squid fossils, too.


  3. (Okay, so I tried to write a comment two times on this post, buuuut each time I refreshed it, the comment disappeared…? I’m not sure if your spam-eating monster took my post Ana, so I’ll write it for a third time. I apologize in advance if my comment appears for three times on this thing, feel free to delete the other two!)

    Whooaaa, that’s so cooool! I would love to find a fossil someday. Where did you go to fossil hunt? I’d love to see your other shark teeth and squid fossils, too!


    1. I just checked my spam queue. Yep, Askimet denied your two comments again. I am very sorry that Askimet is disbehaving. I’ll see if there’s a way to disable it. You should definitely try fossil hunting someday. It’s so much fun. I’ll email you the location (you know, for privacy’s sake.)


      1. Ah, okay, thanks!

        ASKIMET STRIKES AGAIN!! I swear… if you do not control that vicious beast, Ana, I will personally see to it that it is put down myself. MY FERAL GRACE SHALL NOT FAIL THIS TIME.


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