Actually Finishing Something in July Finale Linkup

This post is very late guys. I’m sorry, but life kind of got in the way this week.


Today I am participating in the final week of the Actually Finishing Something in July Linkup hosted by Whisperings of the Pen. Click on the picture above to see the post explaining the linkup.

Did you reach your goal? Yes! I did! I won my first Camp NaNoWriMo!
What was the most difficult part of finishing something this July? I think the most difficult part of reaching my goal was sitting down to write every single night. Sometimes I just wanted to read or go to sleep, but I made sure to write something every single night.
Did you maintain a writing schedule? How often did you write to meet your goal? As mentioned before, I wrote something every night for my novel. Most of the time, I tried to either exceed or reach my daily minimum word count of 807 words. However, there were a few days where I was so tired that I could only pound out a few words, so on those days I only aimed for 100 words.
List some of the musical tracks/artists you listened to most frequently this July. I didn’t really listen to music while I was writing, but in general, I listened to a ton of Christian contemporary music(mostly A. J. Michalka, Jamie Grace, Francesca Battistelli and Mandisa) as well as The Piano Guys.
Snippets! Share some of your July writing.  “Suddenly, she felt an iron grip on her arm and she was pulled to the floor, her elbow striking hard on the cold, dusty ground.  She felt a violent electric shock go through her as she struggled to get up.  Dazed, she looked around.  Where was she?”
Pick a character from your July writing project and describe his or her daily wardrobe. Imagine how this character would dress if he or she were living in the year 2014. (This is your excuse to play with Pinterest and Polyvore. You’re welcome.) Normally, my main character would wear a sleek pink ombre spacesuit that looks kind of like a speed skating skin suit. If she were living today, though, she would probably wear really bright and colorful ombre dresses.
What would your main character wear?



4 thoughts on “Actually Finishing Something in July Finale Linkup

  1. Congrats on finishing Camp NaNoWriMo! I did as well 😀 I know what you mean about having to MAKE yourself write sometimes – there were days when I SO did not want to write. Not even a little bit. Lol, I take any excuse to go on Polyvore…it’s totally research 😛


    1. Yay! Congrats for winning Camp NaNo! And your word count goal was double mine too! It was very hard to make myself write, but I knew I had to, and I’m glad that I did. I had to look up what Polyvore was because I had never heard of it before. Hehe…I didn’t actually use it though because I don’t use images on this blog unless I took/made them myself, embed them from Getty images or get them from Microsoft clipart. Gifs are okay too.


  2. Congrats on winning Camp NaNo! WOOHOO! GO YOU!! Someday I’m going to get around to doing that. (yes, yes, Cait, so you keep saying BUT YOU NEVER DO). *sigh* Still! That’s awesome and it’s still good that you got out 100 words even when you were tired. Gosh, if I’m too tired I just crash and don’t write a word. Although I do feel guilty if I do that. 😉


    1. You should definitely do NaNo someday, Cait. I’m sure you could win in two weeks. Getting out 100 words even though I’m really tired is pretty much only doable if I’m doing Camp NaNo. Right now, I haven’t been working on my novel as much, but I do write a one page journal entry everyday, so that still counts as writing, right?


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