Beautiful People Linkup: The August Edition

 Today I am participating in the Beautiful People Linkup hosted by Cait and Mime @ Notebook Sisters and Sky at Further Up and Further In. Basically, writers interview their characters using the set of questions for the month. This month, some of the questions that I submitted were used. Yay! Anyways, I’m going to interview the villain from my WIP, Magnus Silver, the Loki Warrior Chief.
1) What does your character regret the most in their life? What? Magnus regretting something? Pfft. Magnus always thinks he’s perfect. Try telling him that he’s made bad choices in the past and he’ll have you locked up or thrown into the never ending desert of illusions.
2) What is your character’s happiest memory? Most sorrowful memory? 
Happiest memory: Magnus’s happiest memory is when he finally got the hole that sucks random spaceships out of space and into his prison, to work.
Most sorrowful memory: Magnus’s most sorrowful memory is when a prisoner escaped for the first time. He makes himself feel better by blaming it on everyone but himself.
3) What majorly gets on your character’s nerves? Magnus gets really mad when one of his prisoners tries to defy or talk back to him. When he gets annoyed, he spits and sputters and screams so hard that the delicate walls in his palace shake.
4) Do they act differently when they’re around people as opposed to being alone? If so, how? Magnus isn’t afraid to proudly show his true self. He doesn’t hide any of his personality.
5) What are their beliefs and superstitions? (Examples: their religion or lack of one, conspiracy theories, throwing salt, fear of black cats.) Magnus has one belief: he is right and everyone else is wrong. He’s too good to be affected by any superstitions.
6) What are their catchphrases, or things they say frequently?  He screams “Little Earthling answer now” a lot to Twig when she won’t answer him during interrogations.
7) Would they be more prone to facing fears or running from them? Magnus always faces his fears. He is way too confident to be scared of anything but letting one of his prisoners escape.
8) Do they have a good self image? His self image is way too positive as I’m sure you can tell by now. He’s really quite narcissistic. In fact, one of his hobbies is to sit in his palace and compliment himself. Guys, this is a power hungry alien. Power hungry aliens do weird things.
9) Do they turn to people when they’re upset, or do they isolate themselves? Magnus doesn’t just turn to people (and sometimes aliens) when he’s upset. Instead, he pounces on them and starts screaming at them, blaming them for whatever is making him upset-even when they had nothing to do with it.
10) If they were standing next to you would it make you laugh or cry? Laugh. Magnus is so ridiculous and overly confident, and he gets frustrated very easily. It would be really funny to see him get mad every five minutes.
A Quick Announcement
I now have a new page on my blog entitled “My WIPs”. It’s currently under construction, but it’s a page where I’ll post working covers and titles of my WIPs, as well as the genre, status (as in what stage of the writing process I’m in for that particular piece), and a blurb.
I also have a new blogging schedule. Since school is coming up, I will only be posting three times a week (and possibly less frequently when I’m really busy). I will post on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I also probably won’t do the Stacking the Shelves meme anymore because with a maximum of three posts per week I don’t want the majority of my posts to be memes or linkups. So there you have it for my not-so-quick announcement.

And now you see how ridiculous Magnus is. Does Magnus Silver sound like a villain that you would like to read about? Writers, what’s the catchphrase of one character in your WIP?



13 thoughts on “Beautiful People Linkup: The August Edition

  1. I love this meme! I haven’t posted one yet, but I’ve been filling them in on my computer at hope and they’ve helped me so much with my characters 😀

    Haha Magnus sounds great! Definitely my sort of villain, because there’s also that comedic aspect


  2. I’m completely behind on commenting, for which I apologize. 😦 This meme is pretty awesome though! Magnus sounds like a fantastic character and I love the answer to #6. I’m going to check your WIP page now!


  3. Oh, Magnus sounds like an awesome character. And hilarious. It must be so much fun to write his character! He’s definitely the sort of villain I would want to read about. I could be wrong, but to me he sounds like the loveable kind of villain — which, in my humble opinion, is the funnest to read. 😉 (I’m not sure if ‘funnest’ is actually a word, by the way. Doesn’t look right, but ‘most fun’ sounds odd.)


    1. He is so much fun to write. I feel like this linkup really helped me to come up with more details about Magnus, so I think rewriting his character will be even more fun. He’s definitely a loveable villain. I also love reading about loveable villains, so I figured that I would write what I love reading.


  4. Haha! Magnus sounds like a character I’d have a love/hate relationship with (which is good, right? Since he’s a villain!). 😛 I’m definitely interested to know more about him. And I do think his character will give me a lot of laughs. ;D Will check out your WIP page as well!

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings


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