My Dream Destination Linkup

Today I am participating in the Dream Destination Link Up hosted by Brittney @ Daughter of the King (which, by the way, is a really awesome blog that I recently discovered). Click here to learn more about the link up.

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My Dream Destination: Clearwater Beach

Location: Clearwater, Florida

Why Would I Want to Go to Clearwater Beach?

I have already been to Clearwater Beach, but it is my dream to go there again. I visited during the school year when I was pretty stressed out over homework and tests. However, when I arrived at Clearwater and started spending time on the beach, all of my worries floated away.  It was truly one of the most relaxing weeks that I spent that year.

If I went there I would get a hotel room on the side of the hotel. That way, I could see both the beach and the downtown area. I would wake up early in the morning and walk to the beach as I watch the sun rise on the gulf. I would run all the way down to the beach where all of the sand dollars are and scan the collection of scattered shell pieces for whole, intact sand dollars. When I found a few, I would run back, carefully holding my delicate treasures. Back at my hotel room I would wrap my sand dollars in tissue paper and pack them away. Then, I’d sit down to eat breakfast with my family.

I would spend my whole day with my family at the beach, and we would only go back to our hotel room for lunch. I would spend hours in the water, riding the waves and racing my brother and dad. I would search for the occasional jellyfish floating through the water, and run over to pet the group of manatees that sometimes visits the shoreline. After hours in the water I’d come out and spend some time with my mom, sitting on a lounge chair under a huge umbrella. Then, I’d probably be dragged back to the shore by my brother, wanting to build a sand castle. We would build sand creations, have sandball fights and bury each other in the sand. Then we’d jump right back into the waves and the whole thing would be repeated all over again.

I would round off our day at the beach with a long run along the shore. Then my whole family would go to a restaurant to eat a big, filling sea food dinner. After dinner we would all go for a walk along the pier and watch the famous gulf sunset. We would be able to see all sorts of people on the pier: people dressed up as pirates, people selling souvenirs and just general tourists. All the while, the vibrant colors of the sunset would spread across the sky and bleed into the water. Back at our hotel room, I would claim the rocking chair out on the balcony and listen to the waves lapping at the shore and the live Spanish guitar music floating up from the restaurant below. I wouldn’t go in to sleep until my parents called me back in.

This is how most of my days would go. However, another thing that I would probably do for a day is go to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. I would be able to view all sorts of sea animals swimming around in tanks and in live shows. Of course I would have to go to the Manatee Tank to see my favorite animals. I would also go to see Winter, the dolphin who had to get a prosthetic tail. And finally, I’d take a boating tour.

After spending so much time at the beach, I would be so reluctant to leave. However, as sad as I may be to leave, I know that I would leave with memories that would stay with me forever.

Well, I do hope that I win the contest, but even if I don’t, this was really fun anyway. If you haven’t linked up yet you should.  Have you ever been to Clearwater Beach? How was your trip? If you haven’t been there, do you think it would be a place that you would like to visit? What’s your dream destination?



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