I’m a Freshman and I Like It


 School is starting up and for me, that means that I’m entering as a high schooler for the first time. Yep, I’m going to be a freshman. I’ve already been to orientation so I’ve seen how different high school is from the middle school. I’ve heard “horror” stories from upper classmen who say that freshman year was their worst year of high school. Some have even told me that it was the worst year of their life. A lot of my friends who are also incoming freshmen are also dreading the first year of high school.

But you know what? As much as I think about the reasons that make a lot of people hate freshman year, I am so excited to be entering high school. And unlike most people, I think it’s going to be one of the best years of my life.

High school is brushing off all of those old slates from my previous education and coming to the next four years with a brand new slate. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I’ve never had so many different classes, both main and elective, to take. I’ve never had so many clubs, extracurricular activities and sports to explore. I’ve never had so many books to read in the school library (I almost fell over when my “tour guide” said that no one ever checks books out from the library. I’m totally going to change that). I’ve never had as much work as I know I’ll get. All in all, these statements combine to create one fabulous statement. It’s a statement that I think will define my whole high school experience. I’ve never had as many opportunities of which I can take full advantage.

Here are my goals for this year. What I’m going to write here is a little vague because if I got too detailed, I think you guys would get kind of bored, and I don’t want to bore you.

Learn more: I mean, this is what I’m in school for, right? This year I actually want to learn everything that I’m taught-not only for the grade but also for myself. Practicing violin more often also fits into this category because I’m learning music through practicing.

Read more: I want to wholly peruse both the town library and the glorious school library and read more books than I did last school year. I want to read all kinds of books: the classics, nonfiction and modern books.

Write more: Ummm…I just finished my first novel, and that means WRITE MORE NOVELS.

Run more: I’m already doing this, and I plan to continue. The middle school program was extremely easy compared to my high school cross country program, so I’m improving a lot.

Relax more: I’m kind of bad at allowing myself to relax sometimes, but I think it’s really important to do something non stressful once in a while. That means reading more, sewing more, knitting more, etc. It also means going to team bondings with my cross country team and also hanging out with my non-runner friends. And it means getting more sleep each night and NEVER PULLING AN ALL-NIGHTER.

So there you have it. Those are some general goals for myself to remember this year. I know that high school is going to be a time when I can try new things to find what I really love to do. By pursuing the above goals, I will constantly be exploring new things and enjoying myself along the way. I know that I might sound way too optimistic and cliche to some of you. I admit that at times, I’m probably not going to like being a freshman. There are going to be days when my schedule is packed and my teachers have really loaded me up with homework, and I’ll just want to curl in bed and forget about everything that I have to do. But bad days aside, I think going into high school with a positive attitude is going to make it a great experience for me.



16 thoughts on “I’m a Freshman and I Like It

          1. That’s good that you have them! I wish I had some upper classmen friends to help myself out. Starting my freshman year, I was in show band. Since show band started in August, I was acquainted with a couple people already and my school.


  1. Aw your optimism is really adorable and admirable (: my middle school is incorporated into my high school so it goes from grades 7-12 so I never had to do the whole new freshman thingy but sometimes I kinda wish I did. Hope you have a great year! I’m a junior now (:


  2. Don’t worry, high school goes by really quickly, so enjoy it while you can 🙂 I’m a junior and i feel like i graduated gr.8 yesterday


  3. OH MY GOSH GOOD LUCK 😀 The system over there is different to Australia’s. High school for us starts in year 7 when you’re 12-ish, so six years rather than four – we don’t have middle school. But year nine (I guess the equivalent) was such a fun year for me, so I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it 😀


  4. These are awesome goals!! And so good that you’re positive about being a freshman despite the horror stories. Ugh, I hate horror stories sometimes…although, heh, from the movies I’ve watched I can KIND of see why people hate freshman year so much. (We don’t have middle school in Australia, so the entire rating system is different. But we just call the upper levels “highschool” there’s no like freshman or senior or anything.) And I kind of homeschooled so I wouldn’t know! STILL. I hope it’s a good year! And here’s to lots of reading and writing and running, the most AWESOME combo ever.


    1. I hate horror stories too! I’ve actually started high school by now, and my classes are much more difficult than I thought they would be. However, I still really like it. You were home schooled too? I feel like so many bloggers were/are home schooled! Now that I’ve gotten used to public school, I don’t think I could switch back, but I definitely see the pros in home schooling, such as more time to write. Yes, reading, writing and running is a very awesome combo!


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