My Hero Monday Linkup: Jamie Grace


I feel like I’ve said this way too many times, but once again, I’m sorry for not getting around to replying back to comments and commenting on everyone else’s blogs. I’m making progress, slowly but surely. And I’ve kind of deviated from my normal schedule. Those are the side effects from Algebra II and Chemistry, plus a bunch of other classes and cross country and orchestra.

Anyways, today I am participating in a wonderful linkup created by Chloe, who blogs at A Girl’s Voice and Free As a Girl With Wings. My Hero Monday is a linkup that allows bloggers to celebrate female heroes in society. I hope this post inspires all of you!

Jamie Grace Harper

Birthdate: November 25, 1991

Current Age: 22

Profession: Contemporary Christian musician, singer, songwriter and actress.

When Did I First Hear About Her: I can’t really think of a specific time when I first heard about Jamie Grace and her music. I had been listening to a few of her songs over the radio, but I never really knew who exactly was singing them until I looked her up and I realized how awesome her songs were. Seriously, though, I am so bad at matching artists with their songs. It’s quite pitiful.

What Makes Her One of My Heroes: Jamie Grace is my hero because not only are her songs catchy and inspiring, but she is also a wonderful role model for young women. She lets young girls know that it’s okay to be different from other people and not succumb to peer pressure. In one of my favorite videos from her, “Boys, Boys, Boys”, she talks about how teen girls can have a lot of pressure to get involved in relationships with boys and that it’s okay not to succumb to the peer pressure. It can be so hard to find someone that is a good role model in the contemporary music industry, but luckily, Jamie Grace is the perfect role model.


“Just when I feel this crazy world is gonna bring me down, that’s when your smile comes around.” – Hold Me

“You are enough to change the atmosphere.” – Do Life Big

“Take me away on this beautiful day.” – Beautiful Day

Links to Some of Jamie’s Videos

Boys, Boys, Boys

Hold Me

Beautiful Day

Do Life Big

I hope you guys have fun watching the videos! Do you know of any other contemporary artists that are also great role models?



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