Teens Can Write, Too! September Blog Chain

Today I am participating in the Teens Can Write, Too! blog chain with my (late, sorry!) post. Here is this month’s prompt: “What are your favorite book beginnings and/or endings?” I’m going to go with talking about my favorite book endings in very general terms. Basically, I’ll be talking about what I love to see in the ending of a book.

To put it simply, my favorite book ending is one that keeps me thinking even after I have turned the last page. I’m sure every avid reader has read at least one book that resonated with him/her. This is the kind of book that leaves me mulling over it for days,weeks or even months. It just won’t leave me, but in a good kind of way. When I put this type of book down, I can’t stop thinking about the characters, the nuances of the plot and the ending, the beautiful beautiful ending. Thoughts of the book even lull me to sleep at night.

When I’m past that stage where I’m just thinking about the story itself, I find myself thinking about the overall theme of the story. In other words, I begin to think about the overall takeaway that I can gain. That’s another wonderful thing about resonating endings: they don’t tell you the theme of the book. Instead, they allow you to think for yourself after you’ve processed all that the story has to offer. I just love that about these kinds of books.

Of course, there is a catch to writing this type of ending. It’s not easy because a writer must get the correct balance. In order to write a good ending, a writer must not only leave the ending a little bit open, but he/she must also tie up enough of the loose ends in order to create a sense of finalization in the reader. There’s nothing that annoys me more than books that end too soon. There is a difference between rushed endings and open-ended endings. Unfortunately, the difference is quite difficult to verbalize, but so easy to recognize. That’s why when a writer does an ending right, the result is perfect. It’s like a pleasant aftertaste that stays in your mouth for days. When a book does that, it’s priceless.

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Are there any specific book endings that especially resonated with you?





6 thoughts on “Teens Can Write, Too! September Blog Chain

  1. I really adore open endings! I love it when everything is out in the open and seriously…the book is just begging for more chapters. Because those are the books I keep thinking about! I CAN’T STOP! I make up my own endings and all sorts of things and they stick with me. 🙂


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