My Hero Monday Linkup


Today I’m linking up to the My Hero Monday Linkup hosted by Chloe @ A Girl’s Voice, who also blogs at Free as a Girl With Wings. I know it’s not Monday…shhh…In all seriousness, though, I’ve been really busy with schoolwork and cross country practice, so I’ve had no time to blog. But I’m back for the linkup! If you’d like to learn more about the linkup, click here.


Bloggers’ names: Stephanie Morrill, Jill Williamson and Shannon Dittemore

The date their blog started: January 19, 2010

How old their blog is: Almost four years old!

The content of their blog: In depth writing advice, encouragement and contests for ambitious teen writers. Also, WORD WARS! ’nuff said.

What makes them my hero: These three authors are my heroes because they devote so much time to encouraging and helping teen writers through their journey. Every blog post that they write is packed with useful and fresh writing advice specifically geared toward teens. That’s really hard to find, guys. Teen writers can also have the opportunity to ask questions of these experienced authors through email or the comments section of the blog. I have asked quite a few questions before, and the authors are always there to promptly and thoughtfully answer your questions and provide encouragement. There is also the occasional contest, giveaway, or word war to spice things up. Overall, I am just so grateful that these authors have taken the time to give teen writers the resources they need to become confident writers.

Well, that’s it, for today…except for one announcement. I’ve been getting tagged a lot lately, so if you tagged me for a blog tag or award, it might take a while for me to post it. I hope you guys understand.




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