Monday’s Minute Challenge

Today I’m participating in Monday’s Minute Challenge hosted by Tessa Emily Hall @ Christ is Write. I used the picture prompt and my piece is 299 words.

“Water,” I croaked, pointing to a shiny mass in the distance. I licked the raw sores at the top of my dry mouth and thought about clear, cool water flowing down my throat and soothing the sores. “Run!” I shouted as I grabbed my brother Jayden’s hand. We bounded across the ground, feet pounding, hair whipping about in the wind, breath heavy and dripping with exhaustion. By the time we finally reached what I had seen we had slowed down to a walk.

There it was: the ruins of a flooded city. I peered closer and stepped into the water, closely examining the suspiciously familiar buildings. Most of them were torn down, but the ones that weren’t looked shabby and warped.  It was then I realized with a chill that this was the city in which we had once lived. But why had we stumbled upon it once again? I shook my head, trying to clear the vision from my mind. I had no energy to contemplate the meaning of this now; it could wait. Instead, I focused on the water. I knelt down and brought my mouth to the cool, glorious water. I sucked up a mouthful, and-the city and the water disappeared! I sputtered, coughing up a mouthful of gritty, hot sand. The wind laughed in my face and stole my breath away as I gasped, “Jayden! “Where did the water go?” I saw him open his mouth to answer, but before he could, he, too, vanished.

Then, it all rushed back to me. My city had been destroyed. My family was gone. And here I was, trudging through the desert trying to find out if other people actually existed. But so far I had only discovered the piercing wind and this sandy, barren wasteland of illusions.

Any feedback is welcome!



4 thoughts on “Monday’s Minute Challenge

  1. Funny, I had just finished my entry for MMC and then I saw this on my feed. =)
    I like how you made the ending be so unexpected. If there wasn’t a word count limit I would say to maybe give more descriptions, but it’s fine the way it is.


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