Teens Can Write, Too! November Blog Chain

Today I am once again participating in the Teens Can Write, Too! Blog Chain. The prompt for this month is 

Use pictures and individual words to show what, to you, is the essence of being a teenager.” 










And if you’d like to see the rest of the posts in the chain (Hint: yes, you do), then you can visit the blogs below.

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12th – http://www.kirabudge.weebly.com/my-blog

13th – http://semilegacy.blogspot.com/

14th – http://oliviarivers.wordpress.com/

15th – http://miriamjoywrites.com/

16th – http://unikkelyfe.wordpress.com/

17th – http://maralaurey.wordpress.com/

18th – http://quirkyteenwriter.wordpress.com/

19th – https://butterfliesoftheimagination.wordpress.com/

20th – http://www.juliathewritergirl.com/

21st – http://whileishouldbedoingprecal.weebly.com/

22nd – http://paperdaydreams.com/

23rd – http://theedfiles.blogspot.com/

24th – http://teenscanwritetoo.wordpress.com/ (We’ll announce the topic for next month’s chain.)

What words do you think represent being a teenager?



8 thoughts on “Teens Can Write, Too! November Blog Chain

  1. These are such beautiful words, and I love the style in which you posted them. It’s so cool to see the word clusters! I love it, especially the “self” one. You can take that in SO many ways, and it’s awesome.


  2. Oh, I love your idea of using word clusters! The self one was both so relatable and so hilarious. And yes, dreams are like THE ultimate thing in teenager-hood. Did you design all these images yourself? They’re amazing!

    (Psst, here’s my TCWT post!)


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