Monday’s Minute Challenge

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I was happy to find out that I won first place in last week’s Monday’s Minute Challenge, and this time I participating again. Monday’s Minute Challenge is a wonderful challenge hosted by Tessa Emily Hall @ Christ is Write. For my entry I chose the picture prompt.

I raced through the woods, my footsteps pounding to the beat of my rapidly thumping heart. I frantically slapped at the thorny branches that sprang across the path to block my way. They tore at my face and ripped my clothes, but I just kept on running. Visions of the locket poured through my mind. The silver glinting so beautifully in the moonlight. The taste of victory. The relief that my town would finally be saved. And then the ravens came. They snatched the locket from my hands and swooped up high into the sky, only flapping their wings wildly in response to my desperate pleas.

I knew where they hid: the swamp that us kids had grown up playing in. We were pesky little kids, playing where we weren’t supposed to. But now it had given me an advantage, because I knew the nuances of the swamp just as well as the ravens. All I had to do was catch them before they made it past the swamp, because once they made it past there, they would be in their home territory.

Finally, I arrived at the swamp, frantically searching for any sign of the ravens and the locket. Then, I heard a distant call. My heart plummeted as I slowly looked up towards the sky. It was the ravens, flying away, and if I squinted closely I could almost see the locket dangling from the lead raven’s claws. I heard their cacaws as they flew away, nasty mocking calls. They were in home territory, but the fight wasn’t over yet. I would follow them there. It would be  a long journey, but I would make it through. I would make it through for my town.

This is 285 words.

Any suggestions are welcome!



7 thoughts on “Monday’s Minute Challenge

  1. Oh, congratulations on being first! One suggestion that I would have is to change the word “cacaws” in the last paragraph to something else- maybe screams, or screeches, or croak. “Raucous” is also a pretty good adjective for describing crow/raven calls.


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