Top Ten Tuesday: Reading, Writing and Blogging Goals for 2015

Today I’m linking up with The Broke and the Bookish for their meme, Top Ten Tuesday.

I’ve been doing a lot of goal planning this year, and I have even been creating an organized planner for all of my goals. This year, I am determined to reach my goals. I say that every year, but I feel really good about this year, and I think my goals are manageable. To ensure that I reach them, I did these three things:

  • I wrote my goals down. Writing goals down makes you more likely to reach them because by writing a goal down, you are committing yourself to it. It’s no longer some vague thought wandering around in your brain.
  • I broke my larger goals down into smaller weekly and monthly goals. Breaking down goals into smaller goals helps to make achieving the larger goal more manageable and less overwhelming, which is a recipe for success.
  • I created sheets in my planner to keep me accountable. Every week and every month, I plan to check in with myself, and write down how I did in working towards my goals in that week or month. Once again, writing these reflections down solidifies them in my mind.

Now, here are some of those goals-at least the ones in the reading, writing and blogging categories.


1. Read 100 books. Oh boy. I don’t even know what I’m getting myself into. I think I can do it, but school usually manages to sweep all of my time away. I have the summer to catch up, though, so I’m hoping that I can achieve this.

2. Make a dent in my Reading Through the Classics challenge list. I actually edited my list to remove the books that I’ve already read, so my list is now more like a Reading Through the New-to-Me Classics challenge.

3. Expand the extent of the genres I read. There are so many different types of books out there, and I would like to try to read some different books that I don’t usually read. Specifically, I would like to read more epic fantasy. I used to not like fantasy except if it was old fantasy like LOTR and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien or The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. And then I read Heartless by Anne Elisabeth Stengl, and decided I need more epic fantasy.


4. Finish drafting and revising three WIPs. I’m not completely sure which ones I’ll be drafting/revising, but I know for sure that I will be revising my first draft of Illusions. I will also finish drafting Until You Lose It, but I’m not quite sure that I’ll also revise it. I might put that on hold to draft and revise a new WIP or two. I have tons of ideas including a historical fiction mystery, an epic fantasy, and two nonfiction ideas.

5. Write at least one short story or poem every month. I really want to get back into writing and completely editing some shorter works of writing.

6. Do some more writing for magazines and contests. There are three ways that a writer can improve his/her writing. 1)By writing. 2) By reading. 3) By submitting his/her writing.  I hope to get past my fears this year and submit my writing. Huzzah!


7. Blog more consistently by actually scheduling posts in advance. I’m working on this, and I’m sure it will take practice to be able to regularly keep up the consistent posts, but I have a plan.

8. Learn how to take better photographs for my blog. I really appreciate a good quality photo, and I hope that I can learn how to take beautiful photos for my own blog. I guess the only way to achieve this is through practice.

9. Improve my web design and HTML skills. Web design plays a major role in deciding the success and appeal of a blog, so I want to learn how better to design my blog, as well as implement the designs of which I dream by coding in HTML.

10. Refocus my blog. This is a big goal. I have so many hobbies, but I think it would be better if I focused on one particular hobby on this blog, instead of all of them. In the new year, I want to make this blog mainly a book blog. I’ll still talk a little bit about my progress with my writing, too, because that still involves books and reading, but my main focus will be on the actual reading of books. That means that you can look forward to book reviews, bookish discussions and author interviews. Plus, a new bookish feature that will probably launch in February.




29 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Reading, Writing and Blogging Goals for 2015

  1. It’s so cool that you’ve done all this planning—you’ll have to keep us updated as you accomplish each goal this year! Keeping goals is something that’s certainly hard for me, and so I can only admire the style you’ve chosen for your own goals. I especially look forward to the focus you’ll bring to the blog. 🙂 Good luck completing your goals!


    1. Oh, I love planning. Actually, sometimes I think I love it a little bit too much, so I guess you can say I have “planner’s disease” because I’m always stuck in an infinite stretch of planning. I do hope that I can accomplish these goals and keep you updated. It’s also difficult for me to keep goals, but I think over the years it’s gotten easier for me as I’ve learned how to set more reasonable goals and define the steps I need to take to reach my goals. Thanks, and good luck with your goals, too, this year.


  2. Ooh, new book-ish feature? I’m looking forward to that. 🙂

    Good luck with your goals, Ana. They all sound really fantastic. Also, I think writing them down was also a really great idea. Scheduling, I’ve found, has been a lifesaver with the blog! Especially if I get sick or I’m too busy to post anything then at least I know I’ll already have something scheduled. 🙂


  3. Your planning goals from 2014 sound really good. I might try and adopt some of them myself. I hope you are able to accomplish your goals for 2015. They are all worthwhile and are good advice for someone like myself. Especially your writing goals. Happy New Year! 🙂


  4. Wow these are some fantastic goals here, Ana. Good luck with them, I bet you’ll accomplish most if not all 🙂

    Happy New Year! <33


  5. I LOVE YOUR GOALS. And I like the idea of writing a short story or poem every month; maybe I should start doing that too because I’ve been slowing down with my writing, and I want to push myself to gain back the mood :> Reading 100 books is also part of my goals for this new year! Good luck and hope you get to fulfill them ^_^

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ❤ your blog is so cute!


    1. YAY, I’m glad you like my goals. I haven’t been exactly slowing down with all of my writing, but I have been slowing down with the short stories and poems as I’ve mostly been working on novels, blog posts and articles. I really want to jump back into the world of short prose and poetry, though. Good luck with reading 100 books and with achieving the rest of your goals.

      Happy New Year! Ooh, I’m glad you like my blog design.


  6. Oooh, looks like you’re good to go. You seem really organized in every aspect. I’m looking forward to that new feature!

    Schedule, schedules, schedules. I do realize that they would be a lifesaver if I actually came up with one. It never really worked out 😀

    Good luck with you goals, and a happy New Year ^^


    1. I hope I really do end up as organized as I seem. I’ve learned from experience that things rarely go as planned. I hope you like the new feature.

      Scheduling is a lifesaver. Except that I rarely schedule posts because scheduling is difficult. I have tried to get a head start in the past couple of days and have been scheduling posts, but it will be difficult to maintain that habit throughout the year.

      Thanks, and Happy New Year! Good luck with your goals too!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. 100 books! Whew, that’s ambitious and awesome! I used to try to keep track of all the books I read in a year, only to lose track about four or five months in every time. I’m a re-reader too. Sometimes a book-tone craving strikes, and I know just the right book to satisfy, so I wind up re-reading instead of starting a new one.

    Looks like you have some great goals in place for this year! Good luck with achieving them all. 🙂


  8. I love all your goals Ana! IT MAKES ME GOAL LIST LOOK WEAK. Hahha.

    I’m always looking to take better book photographs, but there’s never enough light in my house, so it doesn’t end up working. I think I’m going to have to create some sort of background, because as much as I love having white backgrounds, I don’t have ANYTHING white in my house.

    I would also really love to refine my writing as well. I APPLAUD YOU FOR YOUR MOTIVATION TO WRITE CREATIVELY! I cannot write creatively haha. Like short stories and fiction and such. I just, I don’t know. I have many hobbies as well and I’m trying not to spread myself TOO thin.

    Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope you get to all your goals!


    1. Thanks! I hope I accomplish them!

      There are some rooms in my house that get enough light, but I just have trouble capturing the light the right way, you know? I guess it will take practice. But I see so many awesome photos of books with props and everything and I want to take photos like that…someday.

      I get what you mean about trying not to spread myself thin. I have way too many hobbies and extracurriculars that I do, too, and sometimes it gets stressful, when it shouldn’t. It’s just so hard to choose what to cut back. Writing is one of my main priorities and something that I really enjoy, though, so I’m okay with pushing other hobbies away for a time to write.

      Happy New Year! I hope you get to all your goals, too!


  9. I love that, learn to take photos. I might add that one to mine too actually. I love seeing blogs who take actual photos of what they’re reading and not just adding the book cover. Not being a budding author and just posting the occasional opinion piece, it gives me a but more creativity over my blog as well. Great list of goals, ambitious but achievable. The perfect balance. Thanks for sharing Ana ❤


    1. Bookish photos are so beautiful, especially when the photographer chooses the right props. I hope to take better quality pictures so I actually feel okay about posting them on the blog. Oh, and I want to get better at taking pictures of food, because food is good. Maybe I should take pictures of books and food together. 😀 Thanks for commenting!


  10. Great goals Ana! I agree it’s really difficult with school, but since I don’t watch TV that helps a lot. And yayyy photos. I love seeing photos on people’s blogs 😀 they just pretty it up somehow. Only problem is that when people include food (ahem, Jess @ My Reading Dress) it makes me hungry 😛


    1. Thanks! I don’t watch TV a lot, either. I just get really panicky about tests so I study my head off (sometimes, literally, I think). And then the next day I take the test and I realize that I was panicking over nothing. I love seeing photos, too. Oh gosh. I LOVE PICTURES OF FOOD SO MUCH. You don’t even know. I want to take good food photography so bad.


  11. OMGG Ana thank you for commenting on my blog, because I’ve been able to discover your one and it is absolutely beautiful~! A new follower here. It’s great to be organised with goals, I find it helps you achieve a lot more. I like how you’ve broken it up into writing, reading and blogging as well. Good luck with them this year and Happy New Year!


    1. Aw, yay! I’m so glad you like my blog. It is really good to be organized because usually that’s the only way I ever achieve my goals, and I feel extra good about this year because I have actually done a better job of organizing my goals this year than ever before. Thanks, and good luck with any goals that you might have as well.


  12. That’s such a good idea to break your goals down. I really need to do that for my writing/revising. My goal for last year was 100 books and I sort of made it. I love epic fantasy! Yeah scheduling ahead so rarely happens. My advice for better photos is just to practice. I used to know html, but then it became impossible to find a website that let me use it for free. Good luck achieving your goals!


  13. Okay, I don’t know if you’ve heard of this survey, but I read about it the other day and I thought I should share it with you – basically, Harvard University interviewed a group of college students on whether they had goals. 87% did not, 10% did but didn’t write them down, and 3% had goals + wrote them down.

    Then Harvard tracked the students for ten years and found that the 10% who had goals was making as much as 2x more than the 87% – but the 3% was making 10x more than the 10%!

    So, long story short: writing down your goals is probably a good thing to do. 😉

    Good luck on all your goals this year – ambitious, certainly, but I have no doubt that you’ll conquer them like the absolutely incredible person you are. 😀 Go you!


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