5 Ways to Find Books You Will Enjoy

Hello, everyone! It’s Ana, here. Today I have a special treat for you. Emily @ For the Bookish and I are swapping guest posts. I hope you enjoy her post, and when you’re done reading it be sure to check out her fabulous blog.


Being the bookworm that I am, 95% of the time, I pick up books that I will finish and enjoy – and possibly (usually), even read again. But a lot of my friends don’t enjoy reading like me. (Much to my dismay! …) I think part of the reason is because they simply can’t find books they know they’ll like. Today, I present to you five awesome resources to find books that are your cup of tea.

​#1:The back of books.This might be a bit obvious to you, but have you ever finished a book and then flipped the page to one of the last pages, and lo and behold! There is a list of books you might enjoy! Complete with a cover picture and sometimes synopsis of the book. Not all books have this, but when they do, I take a picture of the page or write down the names of the books. It’s agreatway to find books similar to the one you just read. (So long as you liked the book, of course!)If you like reading on your EReader or Kindle app or whatnot, they have a list of similar books to read at the end of the book, as well!


#2: Find book blogs. Yep, another obvious one (especially if you’re already subscribed to my blog or Ana’s lovely little corner of the internet), but reading book blogs has been one of the biggest ways I’ve found books I enjoy. Most of them have a review policy page, so you can see what kind of books they’ll review and which ones they don’t. I also check out the blogger’s personal about page, to get a feel for them. (Do they seem like my age? Are they interested in the same things I am – meaning they’ll *most likely* read similar books as me?) Also check out their past reviews to see if they’ve reviewed a book you’ve already read. Bloglovin is a great place to find all sorts of blogs, and if you already follow blogs, often times the blogger will have have a list of blogs they follow somewhere on their blog. (Check the comments of their blogs, too – again, bookworms with similar tastes will be following their blog, and they might have a blog, too!)

#3: BookBub. Bookbub? What is that? Well, dear bookworm, BookBub is an amazing resource for the bookish I have recently discovered myself. When you sign up, you’ll be asked to check off which genres of books you like to read, and then BookBub lists books in those categories that are currently ON SALE! Yes. It’s true. Not only does it help you find books to read, it helps you find CHEAP BOOKS. This is my kinda website. Some of the books are even free! Click here to check it out! (By the way, media.bookbub.com has some amazing posts and articles for bookworms. Definitely recommend it.)

#4: Pinterest. You may have heard that Pinterest is a fantastic writing resource. Inspiration, tips, you name it, Pinterest’s got it! I’ve found recently that Pinterest is also a great way to find books. I like to look up some of my favorite books and click on the pin with the cover of the book. Then look to the right to see the pinner’s board – it’s usually a board for books they want to read, or have read, etc. If the pinner read that book, the books on their board could be like the your favorite book they pinned!


You can also scroll down a bit, and there’s some related pins! (READ: Related BOOKS.)


#5: Make a book jar! Guilty as charged, I saw this idea on Pinterest. When you see a book you want to read, jot it down on a small piece of paper and put in an empty jar. I don’t know about you, but when I see a book I want to read, I flip out about how much I want to read it, and then forget about it! By making a book jar, you can remember all the books you’ve wanted to read. Then put all out a slip of paper when you’re not sure what to read next.

So that’s that! Five ways to find books you will enjoy! Have you tried any of these things? How do you find books? Be sure to visit me at my blog, For the Bookish! I hope I’ll see you there! =)

xx, Emily


31 thoughts on “5 Ways to Find Books You Will Enjoy

  1. Ooh, this is fantastic! I mainly find my books through other bloggers (not only their blogs — but their Facebook and Twitter pages, too, are very good resources), and Goodreads, and just generally seeing what other people are reading and / or recommending. Great post, Emily; the guest post swap is such an awesome idea. 🙂


    1. I mainly find my books through other bloggers as well. I love reading reviews from others because they play a big role in deciding whether or not I read that book. Goodreads is also an amazing resource, and probably the main reason I have so many books on my tbr. It’s so easy to find new books on Goodreads and it seems whenever I log on, I add at least one new book to my tbr. I also love Twitter, too. Even though I don’t have a Twitter account, I kind of stalk the Twitter feeds of bloggers, so I love that someone without Twitter can see other people’s feeds.


  2. I’ve been trying to find new books to read and all these methods sound so useful! They’ll make it so much easier to happen upon the books I’ve been craving for:) I’ve never heard of bookhub before but it sounds like my kind of website too;) And the book jar sounds so fun!! Just the idea of randomly picking out a slip of paper with a book that I may have forgotten and then eventually read and love makes me want to make one right now!
    Thanks for the post:)
    Maya @ anotheronceuponatime.blogspot.com


    1. This was also the first time I heard of Bookbub, Maya. It seems like such an amazing book recommendation resource. I absolutely love the book jar idea because there’s something so fun about using something that you can actually touch and display to pick your books. I think it would be really cool to write the books on fancy pieces of paper to make it look pretty.


  3. I actually have never tried any of these, which is kind of a shame. Whenever I want to find a new book to read, I usually just pick up something random in the library. If the summary sounds interesting, I’ll read it. I’m actually not really picky anyway.

    Another one: another book by an author you love. I loved Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry so when I saw the book Dare you To by her, I wasted no time in checking that one out and I’m glad I did!


    1. I find a lot of new books on blogs and Goodreads, so my TBR is always bursting. Now I rarely pick up random books from the library, because I always have a huge list of books to borrow, but when I was little I did a lot of random library borrowing.

      Reading other books by authors I love is another favorite way of mine to find new books.


  4. I usually find books to reading through raving reviews and Goodreads. PINTEREST IS THE BEST. Like, totally ❤ All the fanart and crafty bookish things and books and fandoms…Definitely awesome.


  5. I am addicted to Pintrest, but I hadn’t actually thought of using it to find new books. (Aside from those info-graphics of books you’d like if you liked blank) I use bookbub too, there are quite a few of those kinds of sites out there. My favorite is actually book gorilla. Blogs are terribly great for my to read list! lol Nice post Emily!


    1. I’ve never really used Pinterest for books, either, but I have seen some bookish boards. Oh. My. Gosh. Infographics. Are. The. Best. Hmmm…I’ve never heard of the Book Gorilla, but I’ll have to check it out. Right now, Goodreads and blogs are my go-to source for finding new books, but I’m excited about these other options.


  6. Good ideas, all—I especially like the idea about using Pinterest, because I go on that place ALL THE TIME and I should be able to use it as a better resource my writerly self. XD


  7. This is such a cool post! I love the idea of swapping guest posts, and I really enjoyed Emily’s. Pinterest is awesome, but I rarely use it to look up new books. I do use book blogs, and the back of books. Book hub sounds super cool too! I’ll have to check it out.


    1. Swapping guest posts is so much fun, and something that’s been on my blogging bucket list for a while now. I’ve never actually used Pinterest for finding books, either, although I’ve seen quite a few book boards on Pinterest. Book blogs are a huge resource for me, though, and I love reading reviews of new books.


  8. Ooh I like the idea of a Book Jar! It reminds me of a TBR jar, haha. I’ve never heard of BookBub, so I’m gonna go check that one out now.


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