My Hero Monday: The Glorious Inventor Ada Lovelace

Once again, I am participating in the My Hero Monday linkup hosted by the ever fabulous Chloe @ Free as a Girl With Wings. For this month, the theme is “a woman who invented something.” That, my friends, is a genius prompt. I’m a huge advocate for Girls in STEM, so for this month I chose to write about Ada Lovelace, the developer of the first computer program.

Name: Ada Lovelace

Date of Birth: December 10, 1815

School: Because people were prejudiced against women back then, Ada was mostly taught by private tutors, her mother or other scientific acquaintances.

When Did I First Hear About Her? Well, I can’t quite put a figure on the exact time that I first hear about Ada Lovelace, but it was a while again. I’ve only recently started to learn more about her as my interest in girls in STEM has only grown more and more as I’ve gotten older.

What Makes Her One of My Heroes? First of all, Ada developed the first computer program ever. Nowadays, everyone uses a computer, and if it weren’t for computers, we wouldn’t be able to do so many things that we now take for granted. You wouldn’t even be reading this blog post if it weren’t for computers. By creating the first computer program Ada set the stage for the development of the technology we use so often today. Another reason I am so inspired by Ada is that she was a girl. The fact that a girl developed the first computer program makes me so happy and so inspired because it shows the world that girls are capable of being intelligent and inventing things. Sadly, not many girls are interested in computer science, but I want to change that, and one way to do that is to use Ada Lovelace as a role model.

One of Ada’s Quotes: “I never am really satisfied that I understand anything; because, understand it well as I may, my comprehension can only be an infinitesimal fraction of all I want to understand about the many connections and relations which occur to me, how the matter in question was first thought of or arrived at, etc.”

Have you ever heard of Ada Lovelace? Are there any girls in STEM that inspire you?



26 thoughts on “My Hero Monday: The Glorious Inventor Ada Lovelace

  1. Hooray for girls in STEM! I am more of a liberal arts person myself, but I think that it is inspiring that the first computer program was created by a woman. So much for women being incapable in the computer world. K.O. to stereotypes!


  2. I’m so sad to say that I’ve never heard of Ada Lovelace! (What a pretty name, though!) She sounds very inspiring. I definitely want to learn more about her. It’s so incredible that in a time when women were really only looked on as homemakers and mothers, they were still doing amazing, skillful things like inventing computers! I’m really glad for the time (and country, for that matter) I live in. At least I can wear pants! 😀


    1. Ada Lovelace is a really pretty name, and definitely not one that I would think would come from that time period. It really is incredible how she was able to accomplish so much during such a stifling period of time for women. I’m glad I don’t have to wear that outfit, too. It looks so uncomfortable and bulky. *shivers*


  3. I have never heard of Ada Lovelace… But now knowing what she did, I should have heard of her sooner. Computers play a bit role in my life, so I’m very glad that she invented the computer program!
    (And I just have to comment on her picture. I’m so thankful people nowadays don’t have to go about like that… Think of how much work it would take just for a simple outing! 0.0)


  4. I’d never heard of her, but I’m really into computers so it’s nice to see that one of the things that make me happy was created by a woman–especially during a time when women were not even allowed to have an education.


  5. I’ve never heard of her before, but I really feel like I should have! It’s sad how she wasn’t taught to me in school. Women create a lot, yet sometimes it’s only the men who get the credit.


  6. YES! I love Ada Lovelace! I read about her in the second grade, in a book of famous women inventors, which is where I got inspiration for what I’m doing for MHM! (you’ll have to wait to find out, but she is in STEM) She is really amazing and inspiring! Girls and computers!


  7. I hadn’t heard of Ada Lovelace. I love hearing about women who are influential despite the public’s prejudice against them on account of their gender. Women like that would have to be so strong and brave. I’m just imagining what life would be like without the computer, and it’s scary!


  8. You have such a cool blog going on here! This post is awesome. I think I’d heard of Ada Lovelace before, but I didn’t know all those interesting things about her.

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I’m following yours now!


  9. I had heard the name Ada Lovelace before, but I didn’t know exactly what she was famous for. She sounds amazing though. And I can’t believe that the person who wrote the first computer program was born almost 200 years ago!


  10. Wow! I had never heard of Ada Lovelace before reading this post, but now I can see that she truly is an inspirational woman who definitely is someone to thank for how computers even came about right at the start. It’s amazing that even in those days people were working on the concepts behind these pieces of technology that we use so often today. Thanks for sharing Ana 🙂


    1. I couldn’t believe that the frameworks of a computer even existed back then. I mean, look at Ada’s clothing! It doesn’t look at all like she was coming from a time when computers existed, even if they were very simple. I’m so glad that people have been working on computers for so long, because I obviously depend on my computer a lot.


    1. Ada Lovelace is so inspiring. I can’t say I know much about Angelina Jolie, but I do know that she is an actress and she was in the movie Maleficent. Other than that, I’m really bad at knowing the names of actresses and actors. It’s always nice to hear about a celebrity that is really charitable.


  11. I just wanted to ask how you got the ‘Find me Elsewhere’ buttons in which you link people to your goodreads, social media etc. I’m customizing my blog and I have no idea how you get the widget XD Could you advise?


    1. Hi, Nirvana! It would be difficult to give you instructions here, but I used these two resources to install the social media buttons. Here’s where I found my buttons: And here’s where I learned how to install them: I hope everything works out for you, and feel free to let me know if you have any more questions.

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  12. Ada Lovelace for the win!
    I’ve only heard about her lately, but from the tim I head of her I wanted to know more about her 🙂
    It also changed my Plan B for what I want to become… a programmer… 😀


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