When Music and Writing Collide

Today I’ll be participating in the February TWCT blog chain, hosted by Teens Can Write, Too! This month’s prompt? “How does music relate to your writing?” And boy, do I have a lot to say about this.

I love listening to music while I write because when I do, I see a definite improvement in my writing. For one thing, listening to music improves my focus. I think we all know how difficult it is to write when the Internet is urgently calling to us. Whenever I am writing, I hear my Bloglovin’ feed calling to me, dragging me away from my novel document. By listening to music, I can ignore that call and focus on my writing.

The effect of music on my writing gets even better when I choose my music intentionally. The wonderful thing about music is that it inflicts emotion. Of course, music isn’t needed to inflict emotion while writing, but it can definitely enhance it. Emotion is obviously very important to infuse into writing. If you’re anything like me, when you read books, you want the author to make you feel ALL the feels. When readers feel emotion because of a book, they become fully immersed in the book. The books that are filled with emotion are the ones that pull readers in and don’t let them go. Therefore, if you as a writer want to achieve the same, it’s important to feel that emotion as you write. Feeling the emotion of a scene and fueling it with matching music is perfect for crafting the best scene possible. Thus, choosing a sad song to listen to for a sad scene or an upbeat song for a happy scene, helps me to write better scenes.

Personally, I enjoy listening to movie soundtracks the best. Since movie soundtracks lack lyrics, there are no words to distract me and conflict with my own words that I’m trying to write. I also feel that movie soundtracks fit stories perfectly because they are meant to go with stories, just with another form of media, film. Movie soundtracks are supposed to inflict emotion, so they are perfect for fitting with scenes in my own writing. I can listen to adventurous songs when I’m writing adventure scenes to creepier songs when I’m writing more suspenseful scenes. No matter what, I can always be sure to find a perfect fit, whether I have to scour The Hobbit soundtrack, The Star Wars Soundtrack or The Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack.

Overall, music is an important part of writing. Not only does it help me keep my focus, but it also allows me to better infuse emotion into my writing.

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How does music help you write? Or maybe you don’t write with music. If so, why not?





26 thoughts on “When Music and Writing Collide

  1. For me, writing with music makes it hard. I like listening to songs etc. alone; with writing it distracts me away from the topic and want to focus solely on my music. So listening to soundtracks remains the better option 🙂


  2. You’re absolutely right about music stopping distraction, I think. It just takes up all the grey area and blasts me full of emotion so I can stay writing. Also, STAR WARS and LORD OF THE RINGS soundtracks. Personally, I also like a touch of Beethoven — but you’ll see more of my music taste tomorrow ;P


    1. Yes, that grey area can get really annoying and distracting while I’m writing, so music helps with that. Aren’t the Star Wars and LOTR soundtracks epic? Personally I like The Hobbit soundtrack even more, but that’s because I always choose The Hobbit over LOTR. Classical music can be good, too, although I haven’t listened to it in a while. My music habits are a little bit sporadic.


  3. I need to have music when I write. Like you said, it helps me infuse emotion into my writing. Every now and then the music will distract me, because I’ll stop and think, “Woww this is sooo prrretty.” But for the most part, it helps me focus.

    Soundtracks for the win!! Right now, I’m obsessed with Audiomachine’s Tree of Life album, which I found when I was searching for writing music on youtube. It’s all instrumental and I personally think it’s great for writing 😀



  4. Listening to music is great, I have to say. I mean, I don’t have the same experience as you because music doesn’t tend to evoke much emotion in me, but soundtracks and instrumental albums have definitely helped get the juices going. All excellent points, amiga. 🙂


  5. I used to be able to write with music but now I find it way too distracting. I do like movie soundtracks though, for the lack of lyrics like you mentioned. My mind seems to wander too much when there’s lyrics around and I can’t help singing to it 😛


  6. Music is the best when writing! When I’m writing I normally listen to instrumental albums, such as William Joseph or Taylor Davis. They’re music has some of the best beats to it. But soundtracks are also great, but sadly I don’t own that many. I’ve only got around four and after playing them over and over they get a might bit boring!


  7. “Make you feel ALL the feels” YES! Well pointed out, Ana. I couldn’t agree more. As for the soundtrack, I’ve been obsessed with God Help the Girl and Begin Again ever since I’ve seen the films last year. And oh. The Honey Trees needs to be mentioned too!


  8. I love hearing about how budding authors get their writing mojo on, and I can imagine how much of a difference the right track makes, especially if you’re really into your music and find that emotional connection. Who is one artist you always find yourself leaning towards? Great post Ana, looking forward to the next installment ❤


    1. The right track really does make a difference. Admittedly I’m a very sporadic music listener and chooser, so I don’t spend a ton of time choosing what music I’ll listen to, but it still helps either way. Hmmm…I don’t quite listen to her songs when I’m writing because they involve lyrics, but I love Jamie Grace’s songs and her whole perspective on things.


  9. SUCH A GOOD TOPIC. I, too, almost always listen to music when I’m writing. There are some occasional times where I’m just not in the mood for it or whatever — but most of the time when I’m writing I need music. Usually what I listen to depends on what I’m writing. 🙂


  10. This a million times over! My writing playlist is 200+ songs long and counting, including (but certainly not limited to) Mozart, Beethoven, various film soundtracks, musical scores, jazz instrumentals, etc, etc, etc. It’s rather extensive, and there’s something wonderful about having a song for literally every type of scene ever, whether it’s tragic or triumphant or somewhere in the middle.


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