Fan Month & Mini Hiatus Announcement

Today I’m linking up with the ever fabulous Heather @ Sometimes I’m a Story. You should go check her blog out-not only because she writes really thoughtful and insightful posts, but also because she’s hosting an amazing event called Fan Month. Fan Month is basically a time for bloggers to step away from their own blogs and be fans. Click here to learn more. I’ll be participating in fan week for the first week of a two week hiatus that I’m taking. I really need this hiatus because school has really taken a toll on me, and I’d like some extra time to read and write. Don’t worry, though. I’ll be back and better than ever on March 15th.

When do you plan on being a fan? I plan on being a fan during the first week of my hiatus.

What goals will you set for yourself? Oh, goodie. I’m really good at this whole goals thing, and I have lots of goals for myself. Here they are:

– Clear my Bloglovin’ feed of blogs that I no longer read, so that I can have more room for new blogs to follow.

– Speaking of new blogs to follow, follow all the blogs I’ve been meaning to follow.

– Find new blogs from various linkups, and comment on the posts that I read from those blogs. Top Ten Tuesday should be useful for this.

– Comment on all my favorite blogs. I won’t abandon you guys this week!

– Reply back to the unanswered comments on my blog. I have been so bad at this lately.

– Show a little love toward my WIPs.

– Try to find a little extra reading time to read new books and old favorites.

Are you going to set any rules for yourself? My only rule for myself is to relax. Blogging should never be stressful, and the most important aspect of it is to have fun.

Where do you plan on sharing the great posts you read? I’ll probably share my favorite blog posts by saving them on Bloglovin’. That way, the people who follow me on Bloglovin’ will also be able to see those posts.

Where could you be a fan outside the blogosphere? I can be a fan outside the blogosphere by spending time to read some more, and also working on my WIPs. I can also read poetry and other works from young writers like me online.

So, that’s about it. Hopefully you guys won’t miss me too much while I’m on my hiatus. I just need some time to recharge, you know?



42 thoughts on “Fan Month & Mini Hiatus Announcement

  1. I’m glad you’re doing this too! While I’m still a fan, I won’t officially start until the third week of March. Hope you start back relaxed and refreshed!


  2. So glad you’re doing this! My Fan Week is the latter half of the month, but I’ll be stalking the #FanMonth hashtag anyways 😀 May the words be with you for your WIP!


  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love your post! I think my favorite part is that you’re going to take the time to relax, and your hiatus isn’t just going to be about being other people’s fan, but being your own fan as well. Working on your own blog can be HARD. And time consuming and stressful and really you’d just rather do other stuff and sleep. I feel. But, your blog-specific goals look awesome as well; I hope you’re super productive and you get all caught up, and everything! I think it looks like it will be awesome!

    (Also, thanks for the shout-outs… They make me happy. 😀 )

    Also, I feel really dumb, because I didn’t realize you were using Ideline as your last name. Like, I’ll see you save stuff on Bloglovin’ and I’ll sit there and think, “Who even is that girl? I’ve never ever seen her ever and she is sooooo random in my feed where did she even come from.”

    Now I realize that it was you… And I always just thought of you as Ana and did not stop to consider how else you might title yourself. Oops. *facepalm*


    1. Thanks, Heather. I love that you’re hosting Fan Month as it’s such a wonderful idea, and so valuable for us bloggers! It’s really hard for me to sit back and relax, but I know how important it is, both for my commenting habits and my blog posts, so I’m forcing myself to relax. I really want to keep blogging fun and far from stressful because I have too many stressful things in my life already. *cough* SCHOOL *cough* Thanks for the well wishes.

      You’re welcome. You totally deserve it!

      Ehehe. That’s funny. It’s totally a *facepalm* moment, but it’s alright. 🙂


  4. I hear you Ana, I’m thinking of taking a mini break next month too. What an awesome little project, I need to take heed and clear out my Bloglovin’ as well and click to follow all the awesome blogs that I actually visit. We all need a break every now and then, I usually spend my time making over my blog.

    I hope you find plenty of time to rest and relax and no doubt we’ll see you lovely and refreshed and reviewing again soon ❤


    1. Mini breaks always seem to do wonders for me, and I always seem to come back refreshed and ready to improve on whatever it is I’m taking a break from. I think it’s really interesting that you make over your blog during your breaks. That’s a great way to spruce up your blog, and then there’s nothing better than a fresh, new design.

      Thanks so much, Kelly!


  5. I think we’ll all miss you these next two weeks, but I totally understand the need to step back and recharge a little. Sending over hugs – see you soon, love! x


  6. Sometimes you just need to take a break, right? Enjoy your time away from your blog and hopefully you’ll come back less stressed and ready to be just as awesome as ever. I love your rule for your Fan Week. Relaxing and enjoying blogging is a great thing to remember. Blogging should be enjoyed as much as possible.


  7. Awww I’ll miss you when you’re on hiatus! But I definitely second the clearing of bloglovin, because if you follow so many blogs, it gets REALLY hectic. Ahh I also need to find new blogs too 🙂

    Have an awesome time…with. schoolwork. WELL I mean hopefully you get all that stuff out of the way 🙂


    1. Following a ton of blogs does get pretty crazy, and besides, I have a ton of blogs that I’ve been meaning to follow but haven’t actually followed yet. Clearing out the blogs I’m not that interested in anymore just means more room for following new blogs.

      Yea…I’ll try to have as much of an awesome time with my schoolwork as I can…even though it’s not always that awesome.


  8. I’m looking forward to hearing about your Fan Month experience, mines not until later- and I’m glad that you are taking the time to relax and re-charge 🙂 Sometimes blogging gets really hectic.


  9. This is a cool idea! I’m already stepping away from my blog and a lot of internet during this month… I have a lot of life things to do… o.o But I hope this goes well for ya and good luck on your studying! 🙂


  10. Ugh yes I feel like I’m on a mini-unofficial hiatus myself because I seriously am drained of blogging all together right now. I swear, I’m probably the only person in the world who doesn’t use bloglovin. I just don’t like using it for some strange reason.


  11. Oh, what a cool idea!!! Awesome goals, I know you’ll do great! Like Mel, I don’t really use bloglovin. I follow my favorite blogs on there (although I’ve missed a few), but I don’t really link to them through there. I usually just follow through my comment history on my blog to find out where to visit next. Have fun!! 🙂


  12. This is such a lovely idea!! To spend time on other people’s blogs while on your mini-break!! We are both very used to being stressed so its so refreshing to see someone take a well-deserved break!!xx


  13. If you feel like you need time for school and reading your avourite books an basically just catching up with life, it’s wonderful ❤ You could really do with the break :')

    I totally feel you with my blog feed being way too cluttered. I don't use bloglovin', but I follow way too many blogs on WordPress so it makes it really difficult to find posts from bloggers I really want to find posts from. I need to step out of my blogging circle too xD

    See you soon then, Ana ❤


  14. Ugh, school. I feel you there, Ana. Summer is only a few months away. I’m already wishing for warmer weather! 😉
    I really need to show some love to my favorite blogs, as well. Usually I read blog posts on my Bloglovin’ app when I’m not at home or near my computer, and I forget to comment on my favorite posts. I should definitely try to make an effort to comment more. 🙂

    See you soon, Ana!


  15. ANA! I was wondering–do you have a blogging/personal e-mail that I can e-mail you at? I have a very deep and intriguing question that you might be interested in…

    But if you don’t, I guess I’ll just say it here: Are you interested in being CPs?

    And the total school thing…yesssssss. Sophomore year is basically eviscerating my soul. (At least my English class is teaching me words like “eviscerate.”)

    You can e-mail me at 🙂


    1. Hi Rcubed! Thanks so much for asking to be CP’s with me. I would love to be CP’s but I’ll have to ask my parents first. When I do, I’ll be sure to email you. *squeals* I’m just a teensy bit nervous about asking but I shall be brave. 🙂

      Let’s not think about sophomore year, okay? 🙂 Junior year is even worse, though. Ack! Let’s think about pleasant things like spring break…and summer…yes…yes… 🙂


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