My Impromptu Hiatus: Explained (Well, Sort Of.)

I must be the worst blogger in the universe. Taking an impromptu 30 day hiatus? Really, Ana? Really? Not to mention my lack of reading this month. And my lack of getting around to other blogs. *sighs*

BUT GUESS WHAT. I HAS EXCUSES. Yes, yes. Excuses. Three excuses, actually. Their names are high school, Camp NaNoWriMo and the FIRST World Championship for Robotics.

Let’s talk about school first. I’d like to think that I rocked high school this month-and by that I mean I just kind of kept on slogging through the vicious, never ending cycle of tests and homework and quizzes and projects and activities that comes with public high school. We usually have at least three tests/quizzes a week. It sounds like a lot, and it is, but in the long run, I think this rigorous schedule and work load does help me. It’s taught me time management, how to deal with stress and how to learn efficiently, among other things. (Mind you, I think about none of these things on those days when I’m studying until midnight, but I feel like being a positive person right now.)

And then there came Camp NaNoWriMo. This, my friends, was a whirlwind of writerly awesomeness. It was the first time I tried writing 50k in a month, which was a crazy goal when I look back on that hasty decision. However, without that goal, I don’t think I would have reached high enough and realized that I could make time for writing in my schedule. I did make time, which is how I somehow ended up writing 50k in 18 days. I still can’t believe it. I owe it all to hot chocolate, obsessive plotting and great cabin members. Hip, hip, hooray!

And finally we come to the longest and certainly most exciting school field trip of my life. This month, I traveled to St. Louis, Missouri for the FIRST World Championship Robotics Competition. It was unbelievable. This was actually a very impromptu trip. I didn’t know I was going until the day before we left, so my packing was very frazzling. Actually, the whole trip was exhausting (like 4-5 hours of sleep nights), but in a fun way. There was so much energy during the competition, whether it came down to the intense matches in the stadium filled with roaring cheers or the pits where I was met with buckets and buckets of team pin on buttons. I learned so much about how my team works and how robotics competitions in general work. I also got the chance to learn about other teams, and how they work. I learned many otherΒ  trivial things, too. For example, it is a well known thing to wave smartphone flashlights in the air during a slow song. During one of the many awards ceremonies, a slow song came on and people started waving their phones in the air. I was really confused until I looked up and saw the whole stadium lit up with flashing lights, and gosh, it was a gorgeous sight. Another thing I learned is that people are weird. I already knew that, but I came across some interesting people on this trip. Like the guy who rode by us on our bicycle and said “I feel like a salmon” to no one in particular. Or the guy preaching on the sidewalk in a very creepy way. Or basically all the competition participants (they were weird in an awesome, nerdy way.)

The general experience was amazing, too. I loved walking around my beautiful hotel, eating out with my team and generally getting to know my team mates a whole lot better. Before this, I was kind of that freshman that didn’t really know anyone that well. During meetings, we don’t get much time to socialize/aren’t put in the situation, too. However, when you spend numerous really really really long bus rides and a long trip in another state with a group of people, you get to know them quite well. I made new friends on this trip and now during meetings I feel so much more comfortable talking to them. We know each other better now, and that’s opened so many doors for me (this is actually true; I’m not just being cheesy). Basically I just came back from the trip loving robotics so much more.

So…that’s the story of this month. Now it’s back to more school…and more writing…and more reading…and more running. Yes, I started running again, and it’s been fabulous. AND MORE BLOGGING. I shall not disappear again this month. I shall write posts. Keep me accountable, everyone!


26 thoughts on “My Impromptu Hiatus: Explained (Well, Sort Of.)

  1. Congrats on your Camp Nano!!! Will you be taking the 2nd session in July? Your trip to St. Louis sounds like a fun adventure. I’m starting to get back into blogging more as well.


    1. Thanks, Raychel! I’m definitely going to be doing the July Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m not sure what my goal will be for that one, but I know I’ll be working on at least one novella that month. Then maybe I’ll use the rest of my word count goal to write short stories or revise a novel. And yes, my trip was fabulous.

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  2. Oh my gosh woman you have been busy! We totally forgive you for ditching us for 3 weeks πŸ˜› I totally get you with school though. IT JUST TAKES ALL THE LIFE FROM ME AND FORCES ME TO STUDY FOR ALL THE QUIZZES AND TESTS AND EXAMS. GAH. THE STRESS IS REAL.


  3. Wow. Sounds like you deserve a chorus of applause. First of all, I’m not going to be one of those graduated adults who poo poo high school. It can be extremely intense. So good job to you for pulling through! Secondly, Camp NanoWriMo is a HUGE accomplishment. And finally… A ROBOTICS COMPETITION! You are so cool. I am about as much of an expert as Winnie the Pooh when it comes to robotics, but I did get to go to a national history competition last year and enjoyed the same thing you were mentioning – everyone is weird and nerdy in their own unique way and it is fantastic. I sure hope we get to hear more about your time at the competition. Actually, I hope we get to hear more about St. Louis too, because I’ve always been oddly obsessed with that city (no kidding, I even wrote a random blogpost about it once).


    1. Aw, thank you. I, too, have resolved not to be an adult who looks down on high school. I shall not forget how stressful it has already been for me. Ooh, it’s cool that you went to a national history competition and really enjoyed it. I love sociable nerds! Now that you’ve requested it, I think I will write more about my trip in a blog post. There was so much more that I got to experience than I got to write about here. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time for roaming around St. Louis, but it was still neat to see the city.

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  4. Gracious. You deserve a medal. Congrats on your 50,000! You’ve definitely had a busy month, and I forgive you for abandoning us. πŸ™‚ Write on, my friend!


  5. I missed your posts! πŸ™‚ But WOW — congrats on doing Camp NaNoWriMo so quickly! That is a MASSIVE achievement, there. I completely bailed on this month’s NaNo… Haha, was just waaaaay to lazy to do it. That, and I’ve been revising another project, so really, it just wasn’t a realistic goal for it. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to more posts… but with school, I get how it might be hard to fit in everything. ^_^


  6. Well then. You are entirely forgiven *applauds* I did the same hiatus thingy except mine has really no legitimate explanations *sighs*. Congrats on the robotics trip! That sounds like a lot of fun! And woop woop for your NaNo novel!


  7. Congratulations on NaNo! I might join in the next one, in July, right? And the robotics competition sounds fantastic. I think I would be the dude saying “I am a salmon” XD

    But anyhow, don’t worry about disappearing — the blogosphere is less bright for your absence, but we all understand πŸ˜€



    ROBOTICS EH. I’m not really much of a tech person but I respect everyone who is! I tried to build a simple circuit and shocked myself so I’ll be cheering you on ❀

    I'm glad you took a break because that means now you'll be back more awesome than everr!


  9. We’ve missed you, Ana – welcome back to the blogosphere! πŸ˜€ Your month sounds like it was crazy hectic (but also crazy fun, except for maybe all the school stuff?). School trips are always awesome, and I think it’s ridiculously cool that you do robotics. (I’m horrible at anything remotely related to science, so I’m kind of in awe of that, haha πŸ˜‰ I’ll stick with the arts, thank you very much!).

    Breaks can’t be a bad thing, but it’s lovely to have you back once more. ❀


    1. Thanks so much, Topaz! The hecticness of Camp NaNo and the trip to St. Louis did actually make it very fun. I actually emailed my friend while I was on the trip and told her that it was really chaotic but in a fun kind of way. Chaos comes in all different shades, doesn’t it? Science-y things are fun, but if you’re an art person, don’t feel pressured. You are absolutely fabulous at the arts, so stick with it!


  10. Wow I have about a million things to say to relate to this post! First off, I totally don’t blame you for taking a long hiatus, and I did the exact same thing. I was also slogging through that never-ending cycle of public school, and I don’t know how you kept up while also doing Camp NaNo. As for the robotics, my school’s team was in St Louis for it too! I wasn’t there, but our team got lost on their long bus ride back and missed an entire day of school. It sounds like you had a ton of fun, and it’s great to have you back!


    1. Isn’t school so stressful? The worst part is that there is no break until summer comes! My secret to doing NaNo and school is to leave things out, which meant reading and blogging. Now I can go back to those things, but I’m so glad I took a break to write. It’s so cool that your school’s robotics team was also at St. Louis. We didn’t get lost during any of the bus rides, but our bus did break down two times on two separate days, so that was interesting… It was most certainly a ton of fun!




    Just kidding. It seems like you had an amazing hiatus hahah! But you’re back now right?


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