Book Lovers: We’re Different, But We’re All Fabulous  (ALSO, I’M LAUNCHING A NEW FEATURE)

Note: Keep reading for a new feature idea at the end of this post!

If you’ve been around the blogosphere or booktube for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of the arguments that surround booktubing vs. book blogging. Recently, that discussion blew up into an argument because of a few tweets. And now those tweeters are getting hate mail. I think the saddest thing about this is that it completely tears down the feeling of freedom of speech. A couple of bloggers (I know one of them and she is so sweet) were discussing their opinions and then were suddenly being torn down for doing so. Opinions are okay, but directing hate at a specific person because of their opinions is not okay. Their blogs and the other mediums connected to their blogs are supposed to be a safe place where they can express their opinons as book lovers, and now it’s no longer a safe place.

I don’t know what these bloggers said exactly, but what I do know is that sometimes, when people express their opinion and say they don’t like something, it does not mean that they are trying to tear down the people that do like that something. And that’s when expressing an opinion can turn nasty. It’s also what this whole post is about.


In a nutshell, I prefer book blogging over booktubing, but that doesn’t mean that I think book bloggers are better than booktubers. I admire booktubers because they are able to put their faces out there and basically talk into space (which must be kind of awkward if someone walks in while filming is under way) so that they can upload a video to Youtube and share their love of books with others. I love the energy they bring to books, and they definitely make books seem so exciting. That said, I don’t think I could ever be a booktuber, because there are things about it that do not appeal to me. That’s it. A personal preference. Booktubing is great for some people, and I’m happy for them because they’ve found a way to express themselves. Maybe blogging isn’t for them. And guess what? Once again, that’s a personal preference. It’s pretty simple.

In my point of view, the discussion has turned to the difference between the two communities. As much as we all love books, book blogging and booktubing are two very different things. Is one better than the other? No. Let’s look at it this way since we’re talking about books anyway. If I say that I love historical fiction books better than contemporary books, does that mean I think contemporary authors are bad authors? No. It’s just my personal preference that I enjoy historical fiction more than contemporary. The same thing goes for book blogging vs. booktubing.  Just like you can’t deny that there are differences between contemporary and  historical fiction, you can’t deny there are differences between book blogging and booktubing.

For me, there are two main differences between book blogging and booktubing. However, differences don’t make one better than the other.

First, the obvious one. Booktubers communicate through talking and facial expressions and book bloggers communicate through words. Both mediums are very different, both in the way one consumes them and in the way one creates them. However, both have the power to express feelings, and neither is better than the other. Personally, I feel more comfortable expressing myself through words, and I don’t think I would be able to talk about  books as well via video. Booktubers and book bloggers do what’s best for them, but neither is harder or easier than the the other.

Second, the audience of book blogging is different from the audience of booktubing.  Let’s face it. Youtube is a much more popular platform than WordPress or Blogger or Weebly. It’s probably more popular than all of those combined. Therefore, it has a larger audience, which makes for a very different audience and community. This changes so much of the interaction between creators and content and consumers. For example, booktubers often get more comments from nonbooktubers because just about everyone is on Youtube while bloggers get very litte comments from nonbloggers. I’ve also noticed that a lot of times, blogger comments are longer than Youtube comments(although Youtube tends to get more comments in general. Of course, there are exceptions but that’s what I’ve noticed most often. There is a very different culture surrounding each medium even though we are all book lovers. Personally, I prefer the dynamics of the blogosphere. I somehow feel more invested in blogposts and I’d rather read and comment on blogposts than watch and comment on videos. That does not mean that I am saying that one is lesser the the other. Once again, this is all about personal preference. That’s it.

So obviously, there are differences just like there are differences between the types of readers. Can you assume tht someone hates contemporary readers and authors because that person says they don’t like contemporary and like historical fiction better? No. Are historical fiction readers better thn contemporary readers? No.We all have different preferences and that’s okay. That’s what makes us unique and sets us apart. In the end, though, we all love books, and that binds us together when the rest of the world doesn’t seem to understand why books are so awesome. Let’s enjoy each others’ content while retaining our individuality, and not tearing down others for their opinions.

And now for a feature I’m starting. Or hopefully starting depending on the feedback I get. My idea is called the Open Letter-A-Thon. I’ve had this idea for a while now, but the announcement post has always been stuck in my drafts. Basically, what it involves is book lovers writing positive words of encouragement in open letters to people in the book world such as authors, bloggers, publicists/publishing companies, aspiring witters, agents, and book tubers. I’m not sure if it would be a one week thing like read-a-thons, or a regular monthly feature with certain themes each month. Be sure to let me know what you think!

What’s your favorite thing about the bookish community? Feel like giving any shoutouts to favorite booktubers or book bloggers of yours? What do you think of my feature idea?


39 thoughts on “Book Lovers: We’re Different, But We’re All Fabulous  (ALSO, I’M LAUNCHING A NEW FEATURE)

  1. I like your feature idea. I’ve thought of writing open letters to some of my favorite authors on my blog, but those posts seem to always get stuck in my drafts too. Maybe this will finally give me the push I need. 🙂

    Yes, I would like to give a shout-out to a few of my favorite bloggers. Suzannah Rowntree at Vintage Novels writes some awesome reviews of classic literature, as well as essays on literature in general. Another of my favorite bloggers is Chloe Kookogey at Living on Literary Lane. She is so wonderfully eloquent and her posts are amazing.


    1. I’ve never written an open letter to an author before, but there are so many authors that I would love to dedicate one such letter to. Aka Ray Bradbury and Harper Lee. I hope you will decide to participate, and I definitely plan to make some of the themes revolve around authors.

      I agree that both Suzannah and Chloe run fabulous blogs. They are both so eloquent and thoughtful when it comes to exploring classical literature and writing, and I am every astounded by the quality of their posts.

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          1. I’ve read all of Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables books and I loved those. I’ve only read a few of Neil Gaiman’s short stories, but I like him personally and I like his approach to writing.


            1. I feel like every girl has grown up on the Anne of Green Gables books or read all of them at least twice except me. 😛 I’ve actually watched a few interviews with Neil Gaiman on Youtube, and like you, I love his approach towards the writing process. Now I just need to actually read something that he’s written.


  2. I’d like to think of it as audio books and physical/ebooks. one is being read to you [listening] and the other is visual. Truth is, people learn in DIFFERENT ways. some people can’t listen to audiobooks – as in, me. so a booktube video is FINE but i would get alot more out of a blog post. It’s a personal opinion and anyone who shames people for theirs needs to learn that their opinion is really only important to themselves. [I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t try to change a person’s opinion. we can DISCUSS but if the sole reason we’re talking is for you to see “reason,” then please leave.]

    I saw some really patronizing discussion and sad to say but a situation like this makes me realize who i need to block and who should be a friend.

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    1. That’s a wonderful analogy, Nova. Like you, I am not an audio learner, and I learn much better through visual means, so I do get more out of blog posts than videos-both in creation and consumption. It was so irritating to see people shaming a couple of bloggers because they expressed their personal opinions. I mean, I thought the Internet was supposed to be a safe place for opinions, but I guess not. A situation like this really does show you who your true friends are.


  3. The Open Letter-A-Thon sounds absolutely FABULOUS and I would love to see you make that a thing!

    I totally agree with your argument on book lovers and booktubers. It’s a matter of personal preference, and no one should get slammed because of what they personally like more, or even if they debate the merits of either platform. Adding to the discussion, like this, is great and needs to be done in fact, but hate mail — WHY. Just sit down with a book and read for a while.


    1. Yay, I’m glad you like the idea, Alyssa! I hope to launch it on July 1st.

      Right? Everyone has their own personal opinion, and if they aren’t specifically targeting someone with their opinion, they shouldn’t have people that disagree slamming and shaming them. And yes, hate mail is completely unreasonable-especially when it moves on to threats. That’s where the line REALLY needs to be drawn. Haha, reading seems to fix everything, doesn’t it?


  4. This is a great post and I completely agree. I kind of heard about this argument as well. I do think people have a right to their opinion, but I was kind of shocked at the hate directed at one of the bloggers. Like you, I just don’t feel booktubing is for me. But that doesn’t mean I think one medium is better than another and that certainly doesn’t mean I am knocking them down.

    I do love your feature idea!


    1. Yes, having an opinion and directing hate at a specific person for that opinion are two completely different things. I, too, was shocked by the hate-especially when it progressed to threats, which are never okay. I think social media has a tendency to blow opinions up and lead to misunderstandings such as thinking that a personal dislike of booktube is also an expression of hate towards booktubers.


  5. We definitely shouldn’t put people down over preference! There are a lot of mediums out there to communicate now, and we have to know that all those options are totally viable and worth it to others. I’m not a booktuber, but I can still appreciate the idea without watching them. Your feature sounds really interesting! Would it be a linkup with other blogs, or would it be just you? Because it sounds like it would be a fun community event!


    1. Exactly! Since there are so many options of communication and expression now, it’s pretty much impossible for a person to like ALL of them, and people are entitled to their opinions of different mediums. Opinions are so important and people shouldn’t be afraid to express those opinions, as long as they are not personally hating on others. I’m glad you like the feature idea. I’m definitely leaning towards a link-up, because I think that would make the whole experience much more interesting and spread more love than I can do by only writing my own open letters.


  6. I heard about the drama from the blogger who got attacked, but I wasn’t aware about what it was about until I read her post. It’s kind of ridiculous that people are freaking out that one person just stated one opinion that wasn’t meant to attack anyone. I think people just took it the wrong way — looking at it like it’s criticism — and putting all the hate out there. Like you said, people have their own personal preferences, but that doesn’t mean they hate everyone who likes what they personally hate, right? I wish I could wash away all the drama or something 😛 Or hopefully, people can just forget about it.

    I can’t wait for your feature to be out there! I’m totally up for it! ❤ Looking forward to it, Ana. 🙂


    1. It was so sad that the blogger was getting threats for her opinion. I agree that a lot of this drama was founded on misunderstanding. Some people took a general opinion as hate towards them specifically, when it really was not directing hate. And then with all of that misunderstanding, the whole situation blew up. I definitely wish I could wash away all the drama because it’s pretty tiring when we’re all trying to have fun with our blogs/booktube channels. I’m sure it will subside eventually.

      Yay! I’m glad you like the idea!


  7. So I have to confess that I don’t know a WHOLE lot about this lot of drama, but it infuriates me a little! I mean, we all love books, and can’t we just love one another, and appreciate what we do? It’s frustrating! Like you, though, I DO prefer blogging rather than videos, but hey, that’s just my opinion. Which we’re entitled to. What we’re not entitled to do, though, is to argue about it — or insult someone for another’s preferred choice of media. And the feature sounds WONDERFUL — spread positivity, not negativity!!! GREAT post.


    1. The drama is pretty silly. We are surrounded by people outside the bookish community that hate reading and think reading regularly is a weird thing to do, so we should band together with our fellow book lovers and promote the bookish love instead of further dividing ourselves. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s also silly that some people are getting personally attacked for their opinions even though those opinions are not attacking others. Gah! It’s annoying. I’m glad you like the feature idea, though. I definitely hope it will spread some more positivity.


  8. I love how you kept saying “personal preference” because that’s really all that this is: a personal preference. No need to be negative about any of it. There’s already so much horrible discrimination in the world, we don’t need to add to it 0_0 I like the sounds of this feature, especially the open-letters to authors because some authors are so lovely and need appreciation. Same goes for bloggers and booktubers! Hopefully this feature will create some dialogue between us all.


    1. Exactly! Everyone has a right to a personal preference as long as that preference isn’t directing hate at anyone in particular. Apparently, social media doesn’t always understand that, though. I agree that there’s already enough hate in the world. I don’t know about other readers, but reading and book blogging is an escape for me and I wouldn’t want it to turn into a place where I have to face even more negativity. I’m glad you like the sound of my feature idea. I think it will create a lot of positive dialogue, and I’m looking forward to launching it.


  9. I was so sad at how quickly and intensely the event blew up. As others have been commenting, we all love books, no matter HOW we share that love! This is an eloquent and insightful response to the drama – thank you for sharing.

    Psst. Your feature sounds amazing, and I believe it will add another level of positivity into the book lover community! 🙂


    1. I agree that it was sad to see how quickly social media can blow a few comments up and ruin people’s days. There’s no need to pounce on other readers for their opinion because we should instead be supporting each other as fellow book lovers.

      Thanks, Bella! I’m looking forward to launching the feature soon.


  10. I only just heard about this debacle today. IT’S SO SAD. 😐 I feel like comparing booktubing and bookblogging is like saying “which is better: libraries or bookstores?” They’re both good and both completely different. I totally agree with how you said they’re presented so differently! I could never booktube, because talking is just not for me. Writing? = ME. I think what sucks most about this situation is how it’s basically saying no we don’t have freedom of speech on the internet. If we speak our minds we Can get abused for it AND THAT IS SO WRONG. I think, if everyone talks respectfully and tactfully then we have 100% rights to say what we will. 😐 So sad how it all turned out. I hope the bloggers who got attacked aren’t going to leave the internet, because I’ve seen people get chased off before because of meanness and IT’S SO SAD.


    1. IT IS REALLY SAD. That’s a great analogy, Cait. There are going to be those who prefer libraries and those who prefer bookstores, but the difference between the two bookish places does not differentiate in superiority because neither is superior over the other. Yes, me and you with the no talking thing. I just can’t. I would be so awkward and just…well, let’s not think about it. I’m way less awkward and way more articulate with my writing. This situation does prove that freedom of speech doesn’t really exist on the Internet, and that is SO SAD. I feel so bad for the bloggers that got abused even though they were only respectfully expressing their opinions, and it would be horrible if they got chased off the Internet. However, I’ve seen a lot of support recently because of the drama, so I hope that will help them realize they’ve got so many other people that are not haters that are rallying behind them.


  11. Thanks for posting this, Ana. I agree with everything you said. I hadn’t heard of what happened until now, but it’s so sad that people would resort to tearing each other down over personal preference. I prefer blogging, myself, but I also think booktubing would be really fun. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll take it up. 🙂

    I really like the open letter idea. Go for it!


    1. It’s probably one of the saddest things I’ve seen since I started blogging as everything else has been really happy and fun. Go for booktubing if you’d like. I think it would be a really cool new experience, but for now I’ll stick with blogging.

      Yay! I hope to launch it soon.


  12. First, I love your idea! I’d been toying with something similar myself, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. And I agree with you SO MUCH. It is all preference- and so WHAT if someone has a different preference than you do? I equate it to this: If I say I don’t like baseball and think it’s boring, am I insulting every person who’s ever played it? NOPE. Nor do I expect the MLB to come tearing into your comments section and threatening my life because I said that. That’s why there are so many different media outlets- to ensure that EVERYONE’s tastes are met. I think the drama was unnecessary, and got way out of hand. How did anyone even FIND this conversation!? And then, the hypocrisy afterward was alarming. Ugh, I am just glad it is over now! Fabulous post!


    1. Thanks, Shannon! There can never be too much positivity, so if you have a similar idea, you can totally go for it. Now that is a great analogy. It’s confusing that people won’t shame someone for not liking baseball because they don’t take it personal but will shame someone for not liking booktube because they are taking it personally. We all have opinions, but opinions are not the same as hate. I don’t even know how that conversation escalated into such a huge drama scene, but looking back, it doesn’t surprise me with the nature of social media. And oh gosh, I was really getting riled up by the hypocrisy. There were comments made that took me a back because of how contradictory they were. Gah! Anyways, thanks for your comment!


  13. I love your open letter idea Ana, it’s so positive to support the book loving community! I saw the whole booktuber vs book blogger debate and I completely agree, we are all book lovers at the end of the day and book lovers are incredibly rare. So why shouldn’t we band together? Fair enough we all have our different preferences, and that doesn’t mean one is better than another. I hope it all blows over soon.


    1. I’m glad you like the idea, Jeann. There can never be too much positivity among book lovers. The debate was absolutely preposterous because the initial comments didn’t even express hate, but were actually met by hate. I thought this book lover community was supposed to be supportive, but the debate really made me doubt that. I hope it not only blows over, but that nothing like it happens again. There was no reason for it.


  14. I wasn’t online when the whole drama first erupted, but I caught some afterwaves of it and a lot of reaction posts and honestly it’s all just ridiculous. We all like books, yo. We’re all reading nerds. If anything, that bond should be stronger than any of the other small differences you mentioned within your post.

    The only reason I blog vs booktube is what you said: it’s personal preference. I love words, and I love writing, which is why I prefer to write a blog post over making a video. I also don’t want to go through the effort of getting expensive camera stuff, editing each video, and awkwardly talking to a camera. But I get that those videos are a lot shorter and easier to watch, and they have a bigger audience. Does that invalidate blogging? Not at all. Because the blogosphere has also exploded recently.

    (Honestly, I just think the book community has a penchant for drama sometimes :P).

    However, I’m loving the sound of this feature!! I’ve done some open letters before and they’re really awesome to write. Can’t wait to see what you do with it! ❤


  15. It appears I’m in the minority when I say – I actually had no idea of this debate. (I know. I’m so oblivious sometimes… although, I’m thinking it may be a defence mechanism when avoiding drama. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 😉 ) You summed it up very well, though – I am, to be quite frank, a supremely awkward person. I think I’d just be too self-conscious if I ever tried to video myself; words are my medium of choice.

    That being said – why on earth should I hate booktubers for having a different opinion? Diversity makes the world go round, folks. 😉

    On another note, I absolutely can’t wait for your new feature; it sounds incredibly lovely, and a wonderful way to spread some love in the community. You said July, yes? I’m counting down the days! xx


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