Cover Reveal for Water Princess, Fire Prince by Kendra E. Ardnek

Today,  readers, I bring to you a cover reveal for Water Princess, Fire Prince, an epic new book from Kendra E. Ardnek. Kendra is a fabulous blogger and writer who already has quite a few books under her belt. However, I would venture to say that this book has her most beautiful cover yet. May I also mention that the cover designer, Benjamin Ingalls, is related to Laura Ingalls Wilder? How cool is that? Anyways, Kendra has graciously allowed me to interview her today, and I love how thoughtful her answers are. Enjoy, and don’t forget to scroll down to see the gorgeous cover of Water Princess, Fire Prince and some information about the book.

When it comes to fantasy, how do you make sure that what you write is still God honoring?

Do you know that the fantasy genre was invented by Christians? George MacDonald, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were the founders of the genre, all strong Christians to some degree or another. “God-honoring” and “fantasy” are not exclusive terms, though there is a difficult line to walk, especially when you choose to include magic of some variety.
In fantasy, I can take spiritual truths and themes and play them against a larger backdrop than pretty much any other genre. I can show the invisible warfare of Good vrs. Evil as visible battles, and they not loose very much of their importance. Christians can, even should write fantasy – but they do have to be careful.
Basically “call nothing clean that God doesn’t” (to paraphrase the Bible). This goes for violence, romantic situations, and witchcraft. Personally, I take a looser translation of “magic” in my fantasy – basically, anything that isn’t easily explained. This can include actual witchcraft, and I never portray that well, but it also includes the Supernatural – say, “Deeper magic from before the dawn of time” in Narnia, and even sciency things and sleight of hand.

How do you develop your characters?
I start with a few defining facts, some backstory, some personality quirks, and then I turn them loose in the story and let them surprise me. 

What is your revision process like?

I throw it against the wall and if it sticks, it’s done … wait, no, that’s Spaghetti.
With the exception of my first book Sew, It’s a Quest, (because I was young and foolish at the time, and thought I knew what I was doing) I never edit a first draft. They’re just too messy (legible, yes, and I love ’em, but plotwise, characterwise, they’re a mess). Instead, when I finish a book, I let it sit on my shelf for a month, while I let the characters and story fade from my mind while I focus on a different book, and then I’ll pull it back down and reread it and see where the gold is.
completely rewrite the book. It’s painful, very painful business at first, but I quickly find my rhythm and fly through the book. Then I set the book aside again and work on a different project for a month or three.
Then and only then do I begin actual edits. I email the book to my kindle, give it a thorough read-through, making comments with the notes feature where ever I find a mistake. Then I take all those comments and apply them to the book, and send out a cry for beta readers. I’m swamped with volunteers, and depending on the book, I send it out to all or a few of them.
They send me back their feedback, I weight it against each other, and then apply it to the book. Then I do another readthrough and declare it good and hit publish.
Thanks so much for the interview, Kendra! And now the cover you’ve all been waiting for…
Water and Fire
See? Epic and gorgeous and just…wow!

Book Description:

When the Lady Dragon does come,

Hold fast, do not fear, do not run
Your Water Princess will fight,

Fire Prince will set all to right
Each shall come from a Fall,

Their union will save you all.
Despite the fact that she’s on track for competing in the Olympics, and he’s practically raised his younger brothers since they lost their mom in a car accident, Clara Mandras and Andrew Stevenson are pretty much normal teens. They have normal hopes, normal dreams, and they live in a normal world.

All this is torn away from them when they are thrust into another world and declared Water Princess and Fire Prince. With no experience ruling a country, meeting each other for the first time, and being expected to fight the Lady Dragon – an evil sorceress plaguing the world of Rizkaland – Clara and Andrew are underprepared and inexperienced. Unless they learn to work together despite their standing opposition, Rizkaland’s hope will be lost.

What is to come will change their lives forever.

Kendra E. Ardnek

Author Bio:

Kendra E. Ardnek loves fairy tales and twisting them in new and exciting ways.  She’s been practicing her skills on her dozen plus cousins and siblings for years, “Finish your story, Kendra”, is frequently heard at family gatherings.  Her sole life goal has always been to grow up and be an author of fantasy and children’s tales that also glorify God and His Word. You can read more about her on her blog,

Available for Kindle preorder:  $2.99 the 19th and 20th ONLY (at which point I’ll put it up to its official price of 3.99)

Add it on Goodreads:

Part 1’s first chapter:

Part 2’s first chapter:




17 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for Water Princess, Fire Prince by Kendra E. Ardnek

  1. To be honest, I’m not sure revisions are that different from spaghetti. Way too long and never quite sure if you’ve gotten it right. That sounds like a very organised plan, though, I should try it out. And AAAAH BEAUTIFUL COVER. The poetry is quite intriguing too 🙂


    1. Seeing as how I’m frequently revising WHILE making spaghetti, confusion is easy.

      I make myself sound so professional – really, it’s more of throwing my book against the wall and hoping for the best.


    2. The way you just expanded that metaphor is beautiful. Anyways, I can so relate to never knowing if I’ve gotten my revision right. It’s not like a first draft where you can just plop down a mess of words without worrying if they’re good or not. No, revision means you actually have to improve what you wrote and make it good. SO SCARY. The cover is absolutely gorgeous.


  2. That definitely is an intriguing cover! I like the fiery vs the wateryness. XD OH. I totally rewrite my second-drafts too, Kendra! WE ARE THE SAME IN THIS.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It seems to be common that people like the contrast between the fire and water on the cover. I rewrite my second drafts, too. For me the first draft is about figuring out how the story and characters develop in relation to my outline so that when I completely rewrite the book from scratch I have a better handle on the heart of the story. Then and only then do I even think about minor edits without complete rewrites.


  3. That’s an awesome cover! And that book sounds very interesting! I may just have to add it to my list of books I want to read. 😉


  4. I love that cover!! This book sounds so good! I’ll have to add it to my TBR!
    I’ve tagged you to do the Ultimate book tag! I hope you can join. 🙂 It was so much fun and it really is ULTIMATE. 😀


  5. Interesting interview! I’m always interested to hear how people intertwine their personal beliefs into their writing. The cover art concept is very cool as well. I like the contrast between the two characters!


  6. Sounds like a cool book! I definitely think the ideas about honoring your beliefs and your book at the same time were certainly interesting, and the cover looks lovely! Thanks for hosting, Ana!


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