I knew December would swing right by and look at that, Christmas is officially two days from today.

I am weirdly unstressed right now. I have a million things that I have to do and they’re all on my mind and I have midterms and deadlines coming  up soon after Christmas break. I guess I’m just too excited about Christmas to be worried.

Right now I’m sitting in class because most public schools usually have school up until Christmas Eve. That’s okay though because this week tends to be pretty relaxed. We still have homework and tests and quizzes but we also have fun days like ugly sweater day and pajama day. I take full advantage of pajama day because it’s my only day of the year where my parents will let me walk out of the house on a school day with teddy bear print sweatpants, let along sweatpants in general.

It’s the also the week where some of my classes randomly decide that we want to have a holiday party in school so we all just bring in food to that class. I had one yesterday and then I had three today. I can’t even look at any kind of dessert right now without feeling sick, but I also can’t resist all the sweets that keep on being put in front of me.

I’m also feeling pretty happy right now because I am going to my Grandma’s house today. FINALLY. My favorite thing about Christmas is that I get a break off from school to spend time with my family and generally relax. Gifts are really exciting to open and I’m so grateful for the gifts I get. Weirdly enough, though, for the first time I’ve found myself not really wanting anything this year.

It’s really odd actually. Maybe it’s because a lot of good things have happened to me this year. Or maybe it’s that I’m just happy I get to see my Grandma. Or relieved to finally have a break from school (even though I still have to study for midterms, urgghhh but I refuse to take up time I could have with my Grandma studying for midterms so I’ll do that when I come back). I think it’s a mixture of all of those.

I only see my Grandma once a year since we live far apart so I get super excited to see her and my Grandpa at Christmas. It’s no secret in my family that among all of the many grandchildren my Grandma has, I am the most close with my Grandma. We’re going to knit together and take walks together and cook together and watch movies together and sit around and do nothing but relax together. I’m sooooo excited. The only bad thing is that I cry every time I have to leave no matter how hard I try not to. I feel like this is a trend that’s going to continue for a while now. But I’m still excited.

Well, that’s about all I have for now. Our family will be officially celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve since we always do that, but I already opened some awesome presents from my parents and brother yesterday. Merry Christmas to all of you! Now go spend time with your family, eat a bunch of candy canes, drink buckets of hot chocolate, listen to too many Christmas songs to count, read a book by the lights of your Christmas tree, and generally enjoy yourself this Christmas.



    1. Heh. Yea, for a week during Christmas break I did absolutely no work at all (even though I brought a suitcase full of schoolwork!) because I wanted to relax and spend as much time as I could with my grandparents. It was the best decision ever. I felt so refreshed after that week and I actually got sleep. Thanks, and I hope you had a great Christmas and holiday break as well!


  1. I had pajama day at work recently. It felt so WEIRD to show up in PJ pants, and the looks I got from customers were bordering on hilarious. XD

    The relationship you have with your grandma is amazing! I’m so glad you get to spend time with her.

    Have a merry Christmas!!! ^_^


    1. Oh boy. If I was a customer I would be so weirded out seeing a bunch of employees in pajama. But pajama day is actually the best. I wish we had pajama day more than once a year. Maybe not everyday because it’s nice to dress up sometimes, but almost everyday would be great. *sighs happily* I can only dream.

      I was really glad to spend time with her, too. The hardest part was leaving but I think I might be able to visit once more this year, which I am so incredibly excited about.

      Thanks, and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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