My current list of WIPs, aka Works in Progress.

Working Title: Illusions

Genre: YA Science Fiction

Not Even a Logline: A space opera mystery novel with a huge ensemble cast.

Status: Drafting a COMPLETE rewrite. Someone give me chocolate because this is actually really overwhelming.

Word Count: 51,607 words


Working Title: Until You Lose It

Genre: YA Contemporary

Logline: Hope, an adopted teen who has trouble coping with her new family, must work with them to find her missing sister before all hope is lost.

Status: Writing the first draft (which is on hold at the moment).

Wordcount: About 20k so far.


Working Title: Untitled

Genre: YA Sleeping Beauty Retelling

Not-really-a-logline: I don’t want to give away too much, but I will say that this retelling deviates sharply from the plot of Sleeping Beauty through one major plot twist, but that the rustic and mysterious tone of the story is very similar to that of a classic fairytale.

Status: All outlined and waiting to be drafted.

Wordcount: NA


Working Title: Untitled

Genre: Hisorical Fiction

Weird blurb thingy: A girl who is forced from her home in Vietnam to find a new home in America.

A boy who can’t live with the evil deeds he has committed in the past.

They have met before, and then they meet again. Now, one will save the other.


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